Cassidy Freeman on The Vampire Diaries: First Look!

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The CW has whet our anxious appetite even more for the upcoming Damon Salvatore flashback episode.

As previously reported, The Vampire Diaries will shed more light than ever before on this character during the March 15 installment - and now TV Guide has published the first photo from the highly-anticipated outing, which will feature Cassidy Freeman as a vampire named Sage, as seen here:

Cassidy Freeman as Sage

"She [is] really aware of what being a vampire is and owns it," the former Smallville star tells the magazine.

Look for Sage to also pop up in the modern day Mystic Falls, with Freeman teasing her character's motivation as centering around "good reasons," but adding: "She is [out] for herself."

We can't wait to learn more, but we'll have to be content with this image for now and with this Thursday's new episode. Check out the official promo now for "All My Children."


I found Cassidy Freeman to be wholly lackluster in Smallville and every scene she was in was nails-on-chalkboard irritating. It wasn't her character, or the directing, it was her one-trick pony approach to acting. She's got one expression; smug. I think the producers brought her to VD to try to breathe new life in a show whose viewer ratings are starting to tank. Seriously, who did she screw to get another prominent role?? She's not even pretty to look at. Vampire Diaries will hang in there for a few years, and Cassidy will be there to bury it.


I think Elena is the best character in the show!!!
Ya I said it and for everyone who Hateing on her just because of Damon .
Haters make Elena better :D LOL


Well i ship DELENA but... Damon suffers a lot being in love with Elena, he deserves a chance with another woman, i prefer Rebekah! Hope they let it be!


I really don't like the character damon.He always goes after his brother's gf's or ex gf's I mean if he's a bad as s vamp as what he's trying to be girl's will fall for him.Give him a chance to fall for somebody who is not connected to stefan.He hates it when stefan goes and save his life he acts like he's all moral and stuff.He killed lexi for crying out loud.Damon and Elena can be together for all I care.I just hope they will not kill elijah and rebekah.More juicy SL's for stefan.


Guest Fan
I love the character Damon, but I hate when he is trying to be good for Elena. He's less interesting and fun. I recommend putting that idea of coupling Elena and Damon together to rest. When Stefan is on his bad bender I don't find him as funny or interesting as Damon is when Damon is just allowed to be bad. The interesting part of Stefan's character is in his struggle to be who he wants to be which is against his nature. We got to see that side of him, falling off the wagon which was important, but I'm tired of it. Let Stefan be back on the wagon and get back to caring. Also, Damon struggling to be good is not as interesting. Let Damon be the rogue that he is and enjoy it, so we all can too!

David and sabrina 2014

I'm not sure what's with all these new people in the show but they better not mess the show up or else I'm going to want almost every new cast to get lost if they can't help with mysteries. The show's mystery is going in more deeper but the show has got to stop with the breaks. =P ;P


I`m sad about the whole development in the 3.season. The second was not so action-packed but the circle of main actors and supporting actor stands really close and we could see them all acting together in nearly every single episode. Now, there are so many new characters and the old ones changed into something stupid. I think the writers really lost their threads by wanting to much 1.) Klaroline - even the name sucks- talking about horses?? She and Tyler belong together and we all don`t need a Damon 2.0 ?? 2.) They changed the old Stefan, who didn`t like to be a vampire one bit and covered his true self every second of the day into somebody enjoyable and now he become the boring puppie again??


3.) Elena is just a selffish girl who can`t decide what she wants, and made the whole time descisions for her brother but told Damon he`s a liability ?? 4.) They teased Damon and Elena over 2 Seasons on a level that even i as a non-shipper was on the boat and now they letting him sleep with Rebakka ? Where is the strong storytelling here? To wait to long doesn`t make things more interesting and we all now she will move back to Stefan and than back to Damon - that´`s what people call a triangle
And if they now changed Damon, for me the obvious reason to watch this stuff ( and not he looks like he does obviously beautiful - because he`s hilarious and fun, and snarky and honest and capable of deep feelings) than i really loose hope for this show if they move away from this path..
And by the way the best way to stop "bored now" is to ignore his stupid commentarys..


@ bored now: Well I wouldn´t call seduction rape, though damons preferences while performing might be considered less gentle, the girls nonetheless joined him without compulsion. Incest is considered sex between two related partners. As far as I know vampires can´t procreate so there is no chance that damon and elena are related. So lame moral condemptions don´t have any stable ground to stand on. And to be honest, I think it is Elenas biggest flaw, the always-right-decision, overly-moral and strong-though-counselling-really-badly-needed. The writers should give her geeky glasses or a very strange hobby like observing the natural habitat of the common snail. That would actually mean Julie Plec had some humor. In conclusion, any supernatural person in mystic falls has a strong tendency towards abusive behaviour. Even Caroline and Bonnie so maybe it´s a good idea to stop discussing who´s worse since it doesn´t mean anything to the storyline.


@Stefelena, totally agree with everything you said. Both Salvatore bros have acted like total pigs towards Elena and those she cares about. The difference is Stefan deals with his behavior by alienating himself from Elena, Damon deals with it by finding another chick for the night.

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