Castle Clips: SIX Sneak Peeks at "The Blue Butterfly"

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Rick Castle as a hard-boiled detective in 1947? This shouldn't be hard for Castle fans to imagine, as it's the role our favorite fictional author has always dreamed of portraying.

And that's what he'll literally do on Monday's "The Blue Butterfly," as a case that involves a stolen treasure and a former cop's diary will take Castle and company back to 1947... in Castle's mind, that is.

Star Tamala Jones - in an interview that will go live on Monday - has labeled the installment her "favorite ever," and it's not hard to see why based on the following clips. We've posted SIX sneak peeks, most of which focus on Castle's hilarious fantasy world, so sit back and enjoy now:

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@Greg... still hoping someone will answer about Joe. I think he was either on Marcus Welby MD or the other doctor show that ran at about the same time period. oops , just got the answer. Chad Everett and was in Medical Center. He played Dr. Joe Gannon.


what is the name of the actor that played the Joe and what did he play in long ago?


I can't bring myself to watch these - I'm looking forward to it too much to ruin it with spoilers :-)


Omigosh. Cannot. Wait.
Wouldn't it have been awesome if Castle incorporated Cpt. Montgomery into his flashback/fantasy...

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Keep 'em coming pal, you're doing great.