Desperate Housewives Review: Welcome Back, Julie and Orson!

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I liked "Is This What You Call Love?" for a number of reasons, starting with the emotion at the forefront. Really, what was there not to love?

Like Mary Alice said, love has the possibility to bring out the best in us. Whether it was the confidence that Lynette needed, the courage for Gaby to tell Juanita the truth about Carlos or even the hope that Susan wouldn’t give up on Julie to change her mind, love was more powerful than ever on Wisteria Lane. In fact, it’s not always about what love brings out, but who it brings back, as Orson is finally back to rescue Bree. More on this later, though.

Julie and Susan

It appeared that Lynette was the very last to know that her marriage was over. Kudos to her for finally being able to accept it and trying to seek the happiness that she deserves. I must admit that I didn’t really care too much for Frank at first because I want Tom and Lynette to ultimately get back together. However, he does seem like a genuinely decent guy, and I’m all for him making Lynette cry less and smile more.

Meanwhile, it was certainly nice to see Julie again. With a bun in the oven, her storyline with Susan was a bit predictable, but still enjoyable. I get where Julie is coming from, wanting to give her baby up for adoption, but I also understood why Susan reacted the way she did. I also couldn’t help but notice how MJ was missing again. You’d think that he’d be there to see his sister.

Another sibling who was missing was Celia. Seriously, where did these children go? Anyhow, I thought that what Gaby did for Juanita with the special Valentine was sweet. Better yet, I’m glad that Gaby realized that Juanita was much stronger than she thought and was able to tell her the truth about Carlos.

My favorite part of the night was the intervention gone wrong. While our favorite housewives lashed out each other, I was just glad they were all finally in the same room with one another. It was intense when Bree confessed to nearly committing suicide. Though the others were quick to apologize and wanted to be there for Bree, she just wasn’t ready to forgive them. Thankfully, the girls of the Lane did the right thing and called on Orson, concerned about Bree’s drinking and bed-hopping.

On another note, how awesome was Orson and his taser? I was relieved that he showed up in just the nick of time to save Bree from that horrible jerk. Hopefully, he can help Bree get back on her feet and the two can maybe go back to doing what they do best: cleaning up each other’s messes.

Are we to assume that it was Orson all along who has been lurking in the background watching Bree’s every move? If so, why has Orson been stalking Bree all this time? If not, who do you think the mysterious culprit is?

So, what did you think of "Is This What You Call Love?" Were you glad to see Orson and Julie back? Did you notice that Ben was missing for only the umpteenth time again?


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How could Susan think that she has such a strong bond with Julie when her daughter is 6 months pregnant and she didn't know? And why would Julie spring it on her like that? She knows Susan won't handle that well. I was disappointed in that story line.
And seriously, what did happen to MJ and Celia? This how has been so Focused on Juanita that you wouldn't even know she has a sister. At least they mentioned MJ.


Gotta say I'm annoyed by Susan, she was a crap mother to Julie, and yet the show treats her as mother of the year. Even after Julie said out loud the problem with Susan, later she apologized and said "you're a great mom". No she's not! If your kid feels like she's the mother of you, the actual mother, there's something wrong. This has been an on-going thing since Susan and Julie's introduction. I feel bad for Julie. And MJ. Woot, Orson is back! Bree and him together are just that little something special I was hoping for. His line on how Bree and Orson were always good at cleaning up messes was so fitting for the situation Bree is in. Lynette was pretty good this week, her new bf is pretty nice, even if Lynette tries to sabotage the relationship at every turn :D As expected, Gaby pulled the "it's not rape if it's female on male" card. That is consistent with her character though, and she's not treated as the voice of reason (compare with Susan's mother issue), so whatevs.


Leenokinnee: are you kidding me? Susan's character is the *only* reason I stuck around to watch this show. The other characters all have some ridiculous flaws and self-serving motivations going on. Susan is the only one who is consistently messing up - yet doing it in support of others (including, in this case, her unborn grandchild). I could do without Linette and a few others. Would love to see more of Mrs. McCluskey (sp?) though. She is a crusty and wise old woman who's fun to watch.


After this episode, I seriously hoped that Susan's character will be the one to die. I can deal with Lynette and her separation storyline, Gabi's general hysterics, and even Bree's downward spiral. Susan, on the other hand, has nothing to contribute to this show. How utterly obnoxious it is to sabotage your child's adoption interview, specifically in the manner in which it was sabotaged. Just kind of silly to me, and a big downer on what I thought was otherwise a decent episode.


Not gonna lie, there was some definite cheering when Orson swooped in at the last minute! But he's been my number one stalker suspect all along!


Orson's a badass mofo! I wonder if Orson has been around in secret too. Julie's reason for not wanting to raise a kid is that she raised her mom!

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