Glee Review: La Cuenta, Por Favor!!

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Hey, Emma, do you have a pamphlet titled So, Your Show is a Complete and Utter Mess?

Go ahead and call me a hater, Gleeks, but come on. Can we just take a long, honest look at  "The Spanish Teacher" please?

Ricky Marton on Glee

Let's start with this: WILL HAS BEEN A SPANISH TEACHER WHO DOES NOT KNOW SPANISH. At all. One bit. As in, he doesn't know the Spanish word for "ears."

Why should we take anything seriously on a show that doesn't take itself seriously? It's been a running joke among critics for years now that Will is the world's worst Spanish teacher, but that was it. It was just a joke.

By acknowledging it here, the show is pretty much slapping its loyal fans in the face. It's admitting that it cares not at all about continuity or logic or living in any kind of real world. Which would maybe be fine... if it didn't then turn around and want to pass along societal messages about bullying or dreaming or, in the random case of Santana this week, respecting other cultures.

I mean, did she really go on a rant about Will stereotyping her Latino heritage? Did Glee - a series that features a gay student who talks about getting his period; a dumb football quarterback; a butch gym teacher; blonde cheerleaders; and jocks who throw nerds into lockers - really try to preach about stereotyping? No, right? I must have misheard Santana's speech.

From storylines that came out of nowhere (I can't even get started on Sue having a baby), we arrive at a romantic entanglement that, for Glee, I suppose has actually been a few weeks in the making. There are just a couple of problems with the Mercedes/Sam/Shane love triangle, most notably: ONE OF THE POINTS ISN'T EVEN ON THE SHOW.

Can anyone out there say they're invested in who Mercedes chooses? Or make any argument in favor of... either guy? As I've noted often in my reviews, we've seen her and Sam holding hands once and we've scarcely seen a second of her and Shane. Why is this even a difficult decision? Why would we think Mercedes has any attachment to Shane at all? Why would we not laugh out loud at Emma's suggestions that Mercedes and Sam not speak for a week... when they just spent MONTHS not speaking or being in each other's lives?

Far too often, Glee just expects its audience to feel something because a character gives a longing look or sings a sad song. There's no actual attempt to earn any emotion. It's just forced upon us.

The same can be said for Kurt chastising Finn for keeping his proposal a secret. We're supposed to be brothers, he tells his fellow New Direction, something he might as well have been saying to the writers. Yes, they are supposed to be brothers. Perhaps we could have seen them share a scene or two over the past dozen episodes in order to remind us of that and have us invested in their relationship.

Even when Glee does something right, it does something wrong. Emma's pamphlets have always served as a very funny background joke, they've always been reliable for a quick laugh. But even here the show couldn't resist upping the schmaltz to interminable levels, actually using a pamphlet to help Beiste teach her kids about cleaning their private parts, which in turn made Will realize just how lucky he is to have his fiancee.

Glee can't even do simple humor well anymore.

Can I find anything positive to say abut "The Spanish Teacher?" Ricky Martin does have a great smile. And the music, as always, was enjoyable. Nene Leakes is actually fitting in well to her role, too. You might even say she's the best thing about Glee these days.

But what does it say about Glee when that's the case?

What did everyone else think? Are you invested in Mercedes' love triangle? Do you mind that Will doesn't know Spanish? Should Sue have a baby? Am I way off base for complaining so often that there's no direction to any episode? Or do you agree that the writers truly seem to be making everything around the songs up about five minutes prior to shooting?


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@Keith, while I agree Glee is not in the least bit as consistent as it was in season 1, I feel like each episode should be reviewed on it's own as well, otherwise what's the point of reviewing each week. That's why I feel like we'll never get a fully pure review because I feel like already expects the worst and his judgement is clouded by things bothering him from previous episdodes.


I don't know if it's because I read this review before I watched it and expected a lot less or because I live in a twilight, but I really enjoyed this. It somehow seemed to hit all the right notes for me. Loved the pamphlets, the humor, the music, Roz Washington, Sue Sylvester and Ricky Martin. I'm all aboard Samceded and could even tolerate Will's story. I don't if I'm high or drunk but it somehow seemed like Glee back to basics.


Glee always had that kind of black humor, cartoon like characters and non sense story lines, that were more or less dropped after each episode, I actually like that about it- it is very light, different, and at times damn funny. You don't have to invest on the characters and that'S a good thing, it is a musical! It is admittedly not as fun as it used to be, but it is actually just fine. Me too I think the reviewer should stop watching Glee, or stop writing about it. The point of the review is for the fun to continue, that means, it too should provide witty remarks and observations on what we just saw, not describe what we just saw in a very boring , bored way. -Reading that type of review has zero entertainment value. (and yes I am not going to read it again, just wanted to give a feedback)


Agree 110%. I'm breaking up with this show. It is BEYOND lame and boring. Peace out, Glee.


The reviewer points out the bad in the show because he's disappointed. People who say they want a "cheerleader" review don't, not really -- because it would be obvious bull, and you'd have to wonder if the reviewer wasn't just being sarcastic and making fun. All of the defenders of the show would have a valid point about Glee being a musical and not a sitcom if the show did one thing: be consistent from week to week. Is there any other show that's all over the place like Glee this season?


i did not enjoy the episode this week, the music was good but the storylines were so weak.


Fot the first time, I have to say, I agree with your review. That episode was boring and useless. Second worse episode of the show, with the Britney/Brittany's one.


It is so sad to see Glee suck this much ... I gave up on this season until I saw the virgin episode, but now i've started regretting watching it again. It's too painful. The only reason i could consider watching this show now i Darren Criss


Torn telse shreds before my eyes


Oh shut up, dont watch it, and I sure as hell dont want to read another review by you. I watch these shows as an escape, to have fun - not to criticize it and tear it apart. I've asked tv fanatic before, please get people to do the reviews that actually like the shows they are reviewing, I don't want my favorite shows cut down every week, making me feel like am idiot because I actually enjoyed the episode thats being

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