Gossip Girl Episode Preview: Who's Crazy? Cupid? In Love?

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Gossip Girl producers Joshua Safran and Austin Winsberg tease the show's upcoming episode in their week's preview video, and unlike some weeks, they actually included some interesting tidbits this time!

Namely, who the title, "Crazy, Cupid, Love," references:

  • Cupid is Blair, determined to set up Dan and Serena. Interesting. Of course, we know who Dan's really into, and this week's Gossip Girl promo hints that he might make a move ... on Blair.
  • Love is for Valentine's Day in general, but specifically what Nate is starting to feel for Lola, who's doing an awfully good job of playing hard to get. That only makes him want her more.
  • Crazy refers to Georgina Sparks, obviously ... but there's a new twist this week. We now know Dan sent the video of Chair to Gossip Girl, and that she plans to hold this over his head.

St. Vincent also appears and performs as a musical guest. How do you see things playing out between Dan, Blair and Serena? How will Georgina's leverage over him potentially impact events?

Watch the preview and find out what to expect below!

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@Rosie gossip girl should have done everything based on the books because now alot of people said that gossip girl sucks now.


@kevin It's not completely clear at the end of the actual series who Chuck ends up with, although he does date Blair for a year or so in the sequel. She breaks up with him later on though because he wants her to move in with him and she thinks it is moving too fast. Chuck isn't a very major character in the books anyway and he is only mentioned now and then so it probably wasn't very important for him to officially end up with anyone.


Blair is equal to Scarlett O'Hara of Gone with the Wind
So it must end alone!


@Chrys who did chuck ended up with?


@kevin, No unfotunately they weren't...Both Blair and Serena had the hots for Nate and didn't give a f@@@ about Dan or Chuck. That's probably why these two fellows started experimenting...of course they both eneded up in straight relationships. Actually, Dan ended up with Vanessa.


@Chrys was the girls in gossip girl books also bi too because i am getting at that they are turning everyone bisexual in that book series.


Dan did not send the video. i want to say that it is not true because it is obvious. But, it was Louis' baby and her and Chuck have had the same aback and forth for 3 seasons. So, GG is getting really predictable.


@kevin - regardless of why Dan did it. He still did it as toohip and I guessed. :) Now, I do like Dan, so I am hoping his reasons weren't so criminal. If only he did it with the reason Serena explained when she lied and said she did it. To stop a wedding that he knew would make Blair unhappy and get her to be with the one she loves. Mind you, if that were true, he would have united Chuck and Blair immediately afterwards and not have furthered her belief that Chuck did it - kinda like how he ommitted the truth about why Louis was late in an early episode this year and was willing to run off with her as she dealt with the break up. Thinking how she reacted to that incident...this one will definitely be a worse betrayal for her. Oh well...I am a Chair fan...but I do hope Dan can redeem himself. Like I said, I like Dan and Blair as friends. @toohip - YAY! We were right! I may not be right all the time, but you have to admit it feels good when you are!


CRYCKY!!!! Phillip is sooooooo Lilly & Rufus' love child! He looks more like Rufus than his other children do, and it explains why Georgina would really marry him.


OH LORD! Pleas Stop!

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