Gossip Girl Fashion Recap: Pretty, Pretty Princess?

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode, the aptly-titled "G.G.", left many screaming at their television on Monday night for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, that crazy b!tch Georgina is supposedly Gossip Girl in the flesh?

That thought is still brewing in our brains. Secondly, way to go Eleanor! Thirdly, Blair running out of the church ... and not to Chuck. Also, that creepy Louis! Not to mention, Humphrey as B’s get-a-way driver.

Let’s just say, we rewound, we pressed play. We rewound and watched again and again ... and again.

Through the hysterics and Blair having a Carrie moment (suffocating in her dress!) - everything was really stunning, with the exception of the new princess’ hair, that is - that was a royal don’t. Sorry, B. 

Blair and Her Two Dads

Customized for the Queen B herself (no doubt due to Leighton’s relationship with Vera), this classic sheath consisted of not one, not two, not even three, but four layers of hand-laid lace.

A pure stunner, Blair looked elegant, though with that horrific tiara and those limp locks (come back Season 1-3 hair!) the allure fell a bit short for us.

Actual Dress: Vera Wang "Gisele" Gown

S as Marilyn

S would be a Marilyn. If ANYONE, she would be a Marilyn.

She played the part well, though her lip-syncing wasn’t all that stellar. A bright hued mermaid gown and a boatful of “diamonds,” and a plethora of gorgeous men - we’ll take this dream any day. 

Actual Dress: Redux Charles Chang-Lima One-Shoulder Mermaid Gown

Steal Dress: LM Collection Poppy Long Evening Dress

G Fashion 1

A little too far-fetched with the headpiece, Georgina made long-awaited appearance in an encrusted trench coat with her husband and Milo in tow. The wrath she scorns, we don’t want to walk in her path.

Actual Trench: Burberry Gem Embellished Trench Coat

Steal Trench: Dover Trench Coat

Actual Pump: YSL Tribtoo Pump

Steal Pump: Chinese Laundry Nightlight Glitter

Louis and Bridesmaids

We will be the first ones to admit when B looks gorgeous, which she does most of the time. But Serena kinda stole the show in this wedding. She looked phenomenal, that’s all there is too it.

A peony-hued, one shouldered, cascading stunner paired perfectly with her natural makeup and her adorable 'do (did anyone catch the hair bow?!). Dan doesn’t know what he’s missing. We’re about to start whispering Nate’s name.

Actual Dress: Vera Wang Spring 2011 Farrah Gown

Steal Dress: Dessy Chiffon Strapless Gown

Actual Earrings: Dana Rebecca Stud Earrings

Steal Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane Round Floating Earrings

As for the bridesmaids ... horrendous. The dresses are beyond brilliant in theory, but poorly executed. And though they scream royal minions, these girls can’t carry it. A little too-much rosette for us, however the color was so subtle and feminine, it softened the blow a bit. 

Actual Dresses: Vera Wang for David’s Bridal

Steal Dresses: Alfred Sung Halter Ruffle Neck Dress

G Fashion 2

Eh? Sequins, okay ... but this does not say scary. Powerful, maybe, but nothing to write home about, after all Georgina is supposed to be the one to fear, right?

Actual Dress: Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012 Sequin Tank Dress

Steal Dress: DV by Dolce Vita Peaches Open Back Sequin Dress

Actual Pumps: YSL Tribtoo Pump

Steal Pumps: Chinese Laundry Bossa Nova C Leather

Needless to say, we’re pumped for next Monday’s episode ... Blair in an I LOVE NY shirt and a hoodie is enough for us to go on. What would the Queen say?

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Was Blair really wearing the Gisele gown on her wedding day? I think the Gisele gown was the one first one she tried on at Vera's boutique. It was from her Fall 2011 collection. Serena was also wearing a wedding gown from the Spring 2011 collection called Farrah and the bridesmaids' dress are from White by Vera Wang at David's Bridal.


She may be famous but Vera Wang is an artist, her dresses are dreams. Hopefully, when Im ready to get married I will be available to afford one her creations.


Poor Vera Wang was probably like "WTF did you do to my design"? when she saw Leighton/Blair on screen


Anything by Vera Wang was beautiful, so that includes the bridal dress and Serena's maid of honor dress. The problem wasn't Blair's dress, it was what they did to it. The hair and the tiara were horrendous. It completely ruins the effect of the dress because we're too distracted by Blair's fried extensions. Look up the dress on its own or on a different model with properly done hair, you'll see its actually stunning. Same with Serena's dress. It was beautiful but the weird bee-hive/unwashed ponytail was terrible. Georgina looked tacky and the brides maid dresses were scary looking. The fashion on this show has become horrible. Especially Blair and Serena, OMFG is right.


@TFV168 A Vera Wang custom-made bridal gown is hardly "off the rack".


I'm sorry but I still hold Gossip Girl to Season 1 standards. I'm deeply disappointed that this show has gone from Eric Daman originals (Blair's debutante gown) to recycled costumes, off-the-rack bridal gowns for a royal wedding, and dresses from David's Bridal *gagging*! Hair and Make-up Departments have taken a dive too. I know the economy tanked, etc. but I still expect better from GG!


Serena looked AMAZING in her Marilyn Monroe dream! Did anyone notice that the dress she wore is the same one that Lily wore to the Pink Party in Petty in Pink, except they have altered the shoulder a bit? I agree, Blair's hair is atrocious, it would have looked much better if it had been put in an up-do. It ends up looking like one of those girls off tumblr hipster blogs XD


serena's dress at the wedding was stunning

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