Gossip Girl Photos: A Day at the Dairport

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Gossip Girl's 101st episode features Blair on the run after this week's "G.G." wedding fiasco. What can we expect from a princess bride on the lam? A whole lot of scenes with her trusty, dutiful partner in crime, Dan.

Dan whisks Blair off to the airport, as you can see in the image below, following their getaway from her royal reception. Will he confess his romantic feelings for her or simply continue to be her best friend and protector?

Either way, "The Backup Dan" will be interesting to watch:

A Runaway Bride!

Executive producer Josh Safran told TV Line that this on-location shoot “was a really complicated, but super fun, big, great set piece” that yields “some of the best comedy we’ve ever done. [It's] very funny.”

What is their destination? Who knows. They're clearly winging it as they go.

Blair's rocking an I Heart NY t-shirt (we love the look on her), so she apparently thought the wedding dress was a bit conspicuous. This episode definitely has the potential for laughs, romance and drama.

Chuck and Georgina are still in the mix, as well, as we know from previously-released pictures. Check out the promo and complete gallery of Gossip Girl photos from "The Backup Dan", then comment below:

A Dan and Blair Photo
Dan and Blair at the Airport
A Dan and Blair Photo
Cute Blair Pic
Blair Hearts NY
Off to the Airport
Chuck and Georgina Pic
Chair Post-Wedding Photo!
Blair Post-Wedding

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So is the place the writers keep saying was difficult to film at Laquardia (sp?) or JFK airport? Obviously they are in an airport and where else would Blair be able to ditch her dress and purchase a hoodie and an I Love NY T-shirt...lol

Uncle jackass

@Christina, I think @Anonymous was right in saying when Chuck and Blair were finally actually together as a couple (circa Season 3) they became very trivial at the best of times. They tried getting back at Uncle Jack for the repossession of the "The Empire" hotel which lead to Blair selling herself for the hotel for Chuck's happiness. It became the beginning of the end for them when they kept torturing the Chair fans in that season with every action possible to keep them apart: mother issues, sleeping with Jenny, who sold Blair for the hotel, and finally being shot by muggers. To suffice to say the reason why Chair never worked well was because they had systemic problems with their characters. At this point, it has more to do with Blair's problems instead of Chuck's flaws. A part of her wanted the 'quick fix' answer to become successful and happy; thus marry Louis.


Blair and Chuck are so good together even when they are getting back at someone. They have it Dan and Blair they don't have it. I understand the need for change on the show. But it's time for Chuck and Blair to find there way back to each other. If not, let Chuck find someone. I know Blair will be hanging around then. Because she will not stand that Chuck's moved on. No, Serena and Chuck love affair that sucks. Get Chuck and Blair back together it's the best storyline on Gossip Girl xoxo


@Camile Chair has already been together, especially in Season 3 and fans whined about how boring it was, so they continued this on and off crap. Besides, this makes it what, the umpteenth time Chuck has changed? @Junior Yes, the writers do suck that much, that's why they have to come up with ridiculous storylines like Louis or how Blair made the ridiculous pact to save Chuck. These writers can't write characters or relationships if their lives depended on it.


I think this episode is going to be great. . seeing Blair wearing something like that is one thing to look forward on monday. . . its gonna be fun.


OMFG ! No ! We need to se Chuck & Blair again, Dan is not for her at all, she is so confused! But CHUCK has changed and he needs to be with her, we need CHAIR please and a little bit more of Dan and Serena


It would be amazing if when chuck talks to her he starts of by saying 'Just because you're poorly dressed doesn't mean you aren't Blair Waldorf'


Leighton said herself she has the chemistry with Ed and it works.
She is pro Dair but I think that's just a clue for chair fans to warn them it's coming a Dair love relationship/affair.
Agree with the Dair fans though we do need something new cos the chair will they/wont they tedious storyline is getting beyond boring. I think it will be a nice change for a while until she finds her way back to chuck for good. Basically the writers won't make chair work because keeping them apart makes better viewing, all us chair fans should hope for is a chair ending - season 6. For now I think we should go with it...long as we have chuck on our screens with any of the characters we have great viewing he has chemistry with everyone same as Leighton their acting is amazing best on the show


I don't think the writers suck that much. They like to use a lot of symbolism and symbolic object. They like the 101 psychology book.
They even used the "magical thinking". The pact with god is a magical thinking.
Look at two last episodes, the symbolism : Blair throw a tiara over Dan and other stuff. Keep looking !


I Like Blair and Dan's friendship, chemistry and all, my only issue with it is that this means Blair has been with all the maim guys on the show. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a Serena/Chuck storyline next season.

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