Gossip Girl Fashion Recap: Off With the Trench!

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Well, well, well. What have we here - an episode of unison, perhaps?

This week on Gossip Girl, some matches were more predictable than others; some for family, some for curiosity, one for conspiratorial purposes, and another ... well, Nate gets his own category after five seasons of whoredom.

Through the painstaking bewilderment of Blair, the return of scorned, scheming Chuck, and the sadness of the Rhodes ladies, and the epic reveal of Charlie (finally!), somehow we survived, no thanks to that Brooklyn performance.

That chartreuse scarf though, Chuck, was a nice touch. You are nothing if not consistent, Bass. Let's get down to business and break down the many style hits and misses from "Cross Rhodes" ...

S and B in NYC

Enough with the trenches, Serena! We’re running a count and it’s going to hit double digits very soon! A nice cashmere scarf and gorgeous Fendi go a long way, but lose the trenches and toss the sweater dresses already.

We know you’re all-American with your California hair and your riding boots, but shake it up a bit, you can’t even get Dan to give you attention.

Actual Trench: Burberry Trench

Steal Trench: G-Star Monroe Trench

Actual Bag: Fendi Chameleon Duffle Satchel

Steal Bag: Clare Vivier Messenger Bag in Cognac

Steal Scarf: Theodora and Callum “Theodora Scarf”

The Princess Still in Peril?

Underneath the Kermit coat, Blair was cozy in her plaid skirt, printed blouse, and eye-popping pink scarf.

The color coordinated combo, however, was not enough to save her from the Gossip Girl make-up department ... or Dan Humphrey. Sorry, B!

Actual Skirt: Milly 'Suzie' Plaid Skirt

Steal Skirt: MANGO Tam Asier Skirt

Actual Coat: Diane Von Furstenberg 'Harrington' Coat

Steal Coat: Kaelen Ombre Jacket

Actual Scarf: Autumn Cashmere Fuschia Scarf

Steal Scarf: Tory Burch All Over T Scarf

Good intentions, bad hair. Poor Chivy. Can we still call her that now that the jig is up? With the cards not in her favor, Ivy stood by her faux grandmother’s side, despite an angry Rhodes clan and a pissed off Lola.

Her hounds tooth coat was on point, though, her hair not so much.

Actual Coat: Cinzia Rocca Houndstooth Walker

Steal Coat: Anna Sui Fuzzy Houndstooth Jacket in Cream

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Blair's style has always been inspired by Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O, what is this new look inspired by? I have no idea.


sorry, it's true!
take a look at this http://www.lab.fws.gov/idnotes...


@ Marion23: I read the article but it doesn't say why it's illegal, only that it's expensive. Do you know why it's illegal? Is it the fabric?


"That chartreuse scarf though, Chuck, was a nice touch." Correction: Chuck gave Alessandra a *shahtoosh* scarf, not a chartreuse scarf. Shahtoosh is a type of wool. Chartreuse is a yellow-green color.


I love Serena's bag and Blair's skirt.


What about Ivy? I loved what she was wearing!


Nothing was ugly....It just didn't match together I think.


I really didn't like anything Blair wore in that episode *sorry*. I thought the skirt looked weird with the top which looked weird with the jewelry she wore which looked weird with her blue shadow makeup....The trench coat and scarf were also weird to me....

Gossip liar

things have got way better after that pregnant thing


I'm so in love with blairs skirt!

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