Gossip Girl Photo Preview: "The Princess Dowry"

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As we previously reported, Gossip Girl is about to welcome back Billy Baldwin as Serena's dad.

The circumstances surrounding his return to New York City? They're not good. They never are.

According to the official episode synopsis from the CW, a “family crisis” brings him back. It's unclear what that consists of, but we have a feeling it may be related to the unnamed, upcoming death on Gossip Girl.

Meanwhile, Blair thinks that Cyrus may have found a potential loophole in her prenup with Louis, Chuck and Georgina partner up in a scheme, and Chivy looks like she has some serious explaining to do.

Take a look at the photo gallery from "The Princess Dowry" below ...

Ivy in Trouble?
The Princess Bride
Professorial William
Chuck, Dan and Georgina
The New G.G.
Serena's Dad is Back

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i swear to god if blair doesn't end up with chuck i will stop watching GG!! i can't believe they made blair kiss him !!!!!!!!! as if she was still in highschool :S


@AmyGirl -
White is also an acceptable color for mourning along with all shades of gray and purple (half-mourning). But at least she's covered? It's hard to tell how low-cut the front is.


Gossip Girl is become more Interesting and Exciting now!!!!
because Georgina Sparks,Ivy dickens, LOla, Blair & Louis !


i swear to god.. if blair doesnt end up with chuck..


I actually think killing off Eric would be very interesting, I mean Conor Paolo already said he has no intention coming back, so why kill off Cece when she could add so much more to the storyline. And its weird that he never comes to visit, I mean Jenny I get no one likes her not even her dad or brother (that's not to say she isn't an interesting character and I miss her but for me she wasn't able to pull of lovable bitch like Blair could, Jenny was just plain bitch)


man i never thought that blair would kiss him back in this episode.


They had to kill off Cece because it's the only way to Carol & the 2 Charlie's back into the fold & of course she would want her $$$$$.


It came from here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/... BTW, it's so Cece's funeral, I believe that means Cece actually dies on episode 5x16, maybe that's what they meant with Charlie/Ivy being in collision course with the Rhodes in "Cross Rhodes".


I know this doesn't have to do much with the subject, but: Gossip Girl"
Spotted: yet another good show gone bad. There was a time when colored tights and headbands were in and so was "Gossip Girl." The former queen of The CW's teen-centric programming consistently brought high society, low blows and story lines within the acceptable realm of absurdity. Now in its fifth season (in which Blair is a princess bride on the run), not even Chuck Bass's one-liners can help us get past the ridiculousness that is "Gossip Girl."

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