Chuck, Dan and Georgina
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Chuck, Dan and Georgina in the February 27 episode of Gossip Girl, "The Princess Dowry."

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    I could eat Dan with a spoon in that pic. He is so determined to have Blair.


    there's a cascade behind them...definately cece died in this episode


    Dan looks like Tony Montana...


    Am I the only one who doesn't care about Chuck anymore? His character is beyond the point of tedium, seems like he can either be one extreme, or a dulled, tranquilized version of his own-self. At least Blair and Dan have shown growth together, and by themselves - Chuck can only seem to be his only true self when he's being a deviant thug. So I'm guessing by the screencap, Georgina told Chuck about the blast and they're blackmailing Dan? I hope it does get out, and Blair forgives him because Chuck has done a lot, lot worse. At least Dan truly loves Blair, and would always have her best interest at heart.


    Could we take a moment to appreciate how freakin gorgeous michelle trachtenberg is? I'm always breathless when I see her as georgina she's my fav character!


    lol I feel like Chuck always wear the same suit...As of Dan, he is HOT


    dan looks louis in this angle. i hate louis so i hate dan. please bring back chair


    I know! I've always thought he was hot with shorter hair, but this is the first time he looks really hot with the muppet hair! what a babe...


    Chuck should STFU !!! He's done a lot more worse things


    oh my god..that chest hair..