Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Cross Rhodes"

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Lola vs. Charlie. Chuck vs. Dan. Blair vs. Serena.

Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran gives fans some insight into some of the storylines to come in next week's "Cross Rhodes" with his weekly interview and clip montage video. On Monday night ...

  • ChIvy reacts to the run-in with Lola ("Cross Rhodes" could've been last week's title).
  • Chuck, or so he claims, is not that upset about Dan and Blair's kiss (yeah, right Chuck).
  • Blair and Serena must resolve their dispute over Dan with maturity (for a change).
  • Lola is in a rendition of Inside in the Upright Citizen's Brigade (what are the odds).

How do you see it all playing out? Will things come to a head between the two Charlies? Blair and Serena? Chair and Dair fans? Check out the snippets from "Cross Rhodes" below and see what you think:

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I support DAIR.


people re watched season 1 and 2 and want dan and blair.. WTF


I agree as well, not all GG fans are Chair suporters. I am a huge GG fan from South Africa,who has never missed an episode and I just love and support Dair! Right now I think they arethe best thing about GG these days and I am so glad they seem to finaly be happening! :D


OMFG! they cut chucks hair! wtf! a buzz cut on chuck bass! :(


We have made the tour of Chair and it has been not very productive. There's no further added value. Dair brings new dimension and have serious chance to be endgame. Dair all the way !


Blair: Not a good friend. Who the hell does that to her only best friend? I don´t like her attitude in this season. And let us not forget how many times she gives chuck false hope. She takes his heart and breaks it over and over again. It so painful and heartbreaking to watch.
Serena: she´s the only character I like atm. Why can´t something good happen to her? She´s always miserable and sad.Let´s see a smile on that pretty face of hers, huh?
Nate: why is he even in the show? Give him a better storyline. The man i so hot!!!He needs more screen time
Chuck: needs to let stupid blair go and find someone who does´t breaks hearts. Maybe serena?:D
Dan: Never liked him, and I think I never will. He´s awful and awkward. Sorry danfans
So sick of the dair and chair situation.. I hope the producers will give us something else to focus on
at this moment I miss jenny and vanessa. After they left the show, all the hatings rushed over to the others. That annoys me


I agree not everyone wants Chuck and Blair together that's false after re watching every season of Gossip Girl I am more than convinced they don't belong together now Dan and Blair do belong together so don't say every GG fan wants Chair cause that's not true some want Dair as well just like me GO DAIR


@chuckbassforlife I assume all true GG fans are that rude too?


Im a truly GG fan, and Im a chair shipper(endgame) 2 but i dont mind a little dair, i think there are so cute.


@s ....I'm like jsd. I have watched all and own the series. I'm not waiting for chair at all. Please don't generalise and say all true fans....there is nothing that stipulates being a true fan u need to cheer for chair. I think a true fan is someone that can watch and appreciate the show for what it is.