Gossip Girl Promo: Brace For Hurricane Georgina

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Next week on Gossip Girl, Georgina Sparks returns in a major way after a one-week hiatus.

Will she really blow up the entire Upper East Side, as she claims in the CW promo below?

The official synopsis from the network says that Chuck and Georgina team up in a scheme, but it has an unpredictable outcome. If last night's episode is any indication, chances are it somehow involves bringing down Dan.

Meanwhile, Blair thinks she may have found a potential loophole in her prenup, and a family crisis - which is now quite obvious after "Cross Rhodes" - brings William van der Woodsen (Billy Baldwin) back to the Upper East Side.

What do you think will happen with Georgina, Chuck, Blair and Dan? And with Lola and Ivy?

Here's the CW's tease of "The Princess Dowry." More promos/clips to come soon hopefully:

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Oi,gosto muito do site pela facilidade de ascseo aos videos,mas uma dica:quando postarem algum episf3dio que acabou de ser visto la nos E.U.A,coloque que se o video e9 legendado ou ne3o.Porque estava ansiosa pra ver o episf3dio e ne3o esta legendado,pelo menos espefique se je1 esta legendado ou ne3o.Please.obrigada


i think chair becomes boring. when they love eachother theres always something between them.
although i don't think that dair will last very long, it' refreshing...


Sorry, but my English is not the best.
Slowly, the series is nearing the end of GG season 5 and as few weeks ago, producers have announced a series of events to show how the series end. A lot of spectators expected Blair to be angry with Dan when he finds out that he had sent the video, but all they are wrong because Blair will do just the opposite - forgive Dan, to be seen in the 16 episode during the reading the Dan’s book she realizes that is in love with him. As for those spectators who cheer for Chauck and Blair will be disappointed, because in order to achieve this must Serena and Dan to be together, and since it will not happend and pull themselves to the right conclusion.


People who don't approve of two similar people with similar interests and common goals being together are seriously deranged. Yes, please! Trade me for your hotel and sleep with my little-girl worst enemy! I love being treated like crap! Wake up people, Chair is as unhealthy and stupid as can be.


@ bbking and lindii: Girl, girls, I love our Chuckles as much as the next gal but please, for 1) he's never going to read this and 2) this gives munition to our detractors that we only want Chuck and Blair together because we are Chuck fans only and not Blair fans, while in reality many of us are Chuck AND Blair fans. I'm not saying that we can't show the love but we need to make clear to everybody that one thing is separated from the other (at least that's how I see it, not trying to tell anybody how to handle their posts, just an advice, which I'm usually not very prone to give but given the current circumstances I thought it might be useful).


i can't imagine, what the writers where thinking about, ruin that wonderful CHAIR-Ship to go to Dair? god, can't they really see that chemistry off blair and chuck or what is happen?? Cause i really am boried with that non-chair-scene...
I Loved that quote from Chuck: Humphrey you bastard! :)
and PS too: ED be pls madly in love with me!!


This show used to be something I looked forward to on Mondays. Now, I forget about it. I put a lot of time into watching this show, but after 5 seasons, Chair still isn't together and they were the one that I looked forward to watching the most. It's so boring anymore, I find myself skipping through on my DVR. Heck, I feel like I'm wasting DVR space!
These writers must be crazy because the characters aren't even who they were before, and they haven’t evolved- they're all completely different people. I used to enjoy watching the separate stories in the show and now I can barely swallow Blair's plot, let alone Chuck. I love Dan and Blair as friends, but he is annoying me. He's not genuine; he's turned into a backstabber to get what he wants.
This show is getting so bad; the most enjoyable part is Georgina because she seems to be the only one who is true to herself. At least she can keep our interest for longer than 5 mins. Clean this up, GG writers, because you're losing us.


OK time for serena to get with chuck if we are just disregarding everyones feelings and doing whatever we please. blairs 'love' for dan is shallow and fueled by her own narcicissm- be you the moment she saw chuck happy with anyone else she will flip like she always does...i say put either serena or lola with chuck and watch blair lose her ever loving mind. if you dont believe me please rewatch season 3/4


Georgina will sing "Comme un ouragan" from Stéphanie de Monaco at CC funeral.


At the end of the day Gossip Girl is a tv show and if you are totally hating it now, why are you still watching?