Gossip Girl Replay: Dair Kiss, Prelude & Fallout

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After all Dan has done for her, how could Blair not love him back?

That's the realization she apparently had on Monday's episode (see TV Fanatic's official Gossip Girl review for a complete breakdown) after Humphrey made his move and she did not resist his amorous advances.

It was unexpected and awesome, even if you think or hope Chair will end up together down the line. Dair is no longer just a bump in the road, but a very real relationship. Where do you think it will go next for them?

We'll surely be debating that all this week and beyond. As the dust settles from last night's bombshell, let's take a look back at three memorable Dan and Blair scenes: The prelude, the kiss, and the aftermath ...

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pty is mad


@ ashley: psycho girl of the other day, is that you? Did you change sides?


only ugly girls and twilight fans like chair because to them it's all about look and money because they're fat and ugly and eat ice cream all day. it don't matter who balirs ends up with cause chair fans still die alone.


@ ashley: I could make a generalization that only ugly guys or nerds like Dair or girls that are b****es like Dair, but that would be stupid. So basically the only asumption I'm going to make is that you are stupid, since only a stupid person would post something like that.


this is the end of the road for chair, they're going to blow that boring relationship up and start over. chair was endgame but they're clearly moving away from that as they are too boring when they are together and the ratings go down. chair will be a distant memory very soon. im sure chuck will ahve moved on by the end of the season.


only ugly girls like chair.


I'm just hoping that this is some elaborate plan to end blair and louis marriage, and that Chuck is also behind this, and knows it just for that annoying minder.. haha that would be amazing, i honestly don't understand DAIR shippers, like what do you see? there friends, why couldn't they stay that way, its all about C and B, when they saw each other in the lift it just confirmed it... this better be momentary blip.


@idn So? If the show sucks, then it deserves to be canceled even though the CW will probably give it more special treatments, it deserves to fail as a network.


hot damn that was hotttt


DAIR is magic. They feel so connected as a couple. It is like Dan can peer into her soul. I loev DAIR. I hope they get together and never break up.