Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: A Prenup Loophole?

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Might Blair escape her loveless fake marriage with a quickie annulment after all? It looks that way, based on the sneak preview clip from Monday's episode below! Then she and Dan can live happily ever after, right?

Somehow we don't think it will be that simple, but that's the gist of what she's saying as she explains to the Hump that because they signed the prenup in Monaco but wed in the U.S., she may be able to get it annulled.

Seriously. Gossip Girl writing at its best/worst. It'll get Louis out of the picture at least. See below:

In the producers' weekly preview, we're treated to some additional footage from the episode, as well as some broad, additional teases regarding what we can expect to take place throughout "The Princess Dowry."

We now know that:

  • The return of William van der Woodsen and the reason behind it are crucial
  • Some major, "life-changing" secrets and reveals are going to come out
  • The prestige and wealth of the UES plays a particularly prominent role
  • The episode takes place almost in real time - within a couple of hours
  • Chair and Dair fans will both have a lot to discuss afterward

Take a look at the two-minute episode preview and comment below!

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@zoran Thanks. It was a easy one and soft. I've harder but I don't think it will suit everybody.


@Tha Phoenix I wouldn't put too much stock on the writers. @helena Is there a certain procedure for how people are supposed to love each other?


@thefan Does it even matter? The baby died and the writers are trying to forget about it just like they did with Lily and Rufus' love child, Scott. @Zoran I didn't like that storyline, if you and the writers want to ignore that fact, then take it up with them. Dan and Serena are step-siblings, they share a step-brother and their parents are married to each other. It does matter, the writers ruined their relationship and it hasn't gotten any better no matter how much they try to force it if they choose to at the end, that doesn't make it less disgusting.


Well done, good comment.


By the look of it. They are going to try every furniture in the house. Hopefully at Blair's there is no Ikea. I can hear Blair saying in the middle of the action : "Humphrey, follow my lead, you're used to doing that".


I keep waiting for them to go back and tell us who "the real" father of Blair's baby was?? We all keep forgetting that only Blair and Humphrey know the truth about that one. Blair told everyone it was Louis' baby and Dan went along with it, but we all know how well she can lie. So...at some point, will we find out that the illusive paternity test had Humphrey's name on it, or even more shocking...Chucks???


Please do not more mention that Serena and Dan step children, it does not matter and has nothing to do because they are not related by blood. The consanguinity are Serena Scott and therefore the connection between them is impossible, and not between Serena and Dan.

Dair for ever

@K - I SO get what you mean! Dan and Blair inspire all kinds of romantic thoughts in me and I'm not ashamed to admit that :) Their dynamic is such that I can see them fit well in so many scenarios - Blair sprucing Dan's style up a leeetle bit to be more UES-ish, Dan toning down Blair's style a tad to go with Lonely Boy's world, them doing goofy things together one minute and avant garde, artsy stuff together the next...their relationship has many nuances to it so they never get boring together... How anyone can still tolerate Chair, after seeing Dair, is beyond me... Free Blair of Chair...and definitely free Chuck of Chair - so he can go back to being "the" Chuck Bass, and not the predictable, one-dimensional, mopey, annoying, overdoing-the-husky-whisper caricature he has become now.


I like chair but it got old. I'm loving Dair! Would love to see a Brooklyn sleepover, Blair in one of Dans flannel shirts, watching a movie on the couch! Even better Blair running her hands through Dans curly mop realizing she actually likes his hair like that! A girl can dream!


I've seen the video. She says on it she can tell some sentences that's all. In the end of season 3. She says "bon vacances, Humpfrey" and that's a mistake.
She's pretty good. The pronunciation is clear. She just has a little bit of accent when she says *nous parlerons demain*. She was better in the first episode of season 4.

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