Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: A Prenup Loophole?

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Might Blair escape her loveless fake marriage with a quickie annulment after all? It looks that way, based on the sneak preview clip from Monday's episode below! Then she and Dan can live happily ever after, right?

Somehow we don't think it will be that simple, but that's the gist of what she's saying as she explains to the Hump that because they signed the prenup in Monaco but wed in the U.S., she may be able to get it annulled.

Seriously. Gossip Girl writing at its best/worst. It'll get Louis out of the picture at least. See below:

In the producers' weekly preview, we're treated to some additional footage from the episode, as well as some broad, additional teases regarding what we can expect to take place throughout "The Princess Dowry."

We now know that:

  • The return of William van der Woodsen and the reason behind it are crucial
  • Some major, "life-changing" secrets and reveals are going to come out
  • The prestige and wealth of the UES plays a particularly prominent role
  • The episode takes place almost in real time - within a couple of hours
  • Chair and Dair fans will both have a lot to discuss afterward

Take a look at the two-minute episode preview and comment below!

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@QueenB The stop watching the show and drop it, it'll be better for you.


Still not seeing any chemistry here! Dan and Blair seem more like friends than a budding couple/romance. I actually thought they were really awkward here and in last week's episode. When he grabbed her hand to say everything about her was great it seemed so forced, not natural at all. Really how is it any better than Louis? I guess because lots of people want them together, but they don't seem to fit. I also think her kissing him in front of Serena while they were at the hospital was tacky. They both know Serena has feelings for Dan, and while she gave Blair her blessing it was totally unnecessary.


@Dancingbee Yeah, you probably won't miss anything, it's just the same thing over and over again until it finally ends.


@ anonymous
yep I prob should. I can learn from this site if the story's get any better
Its sad how this show was once so good


@ anonymous - yep I prob should. I can learn from this site if the story's get any better
Its sad how this show was once so good : (


@Dancingbee The ratings should drop some more, maybe you should stop watching and drop the show, you can always watch clips online.


Have you people thought that maybe real Charlie is Dr. Van der Woodsen's daughter? and that's the reason why Carol kept it a secret, to protect her from the truth and the potential problem it would cause to her relationship with Lilly??


I'm already bored of it! They get too much airtime that's what I'm saying! Plots are too heavily involved around them .. Snooze!
And I think the ratings will drop further after this weeks.
Many of my family and friends who were once huge fans have stopped watching, writings crap and inconsistent its just become a third of the show it once was.


@Dancingbee No, the ratings deserves to drop even more, hopefully under the 1 million mark and yes, Blair does deserve to suffer for the mess she got herself into. Dair has just recently started, what are you complaining about? @pty I guess that's a hint to what this 'unexpected outcome/revelation' could be.


Just checked out fanpop and Delena are winning haha!!! Priceless