Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: A Prenup Loophole?

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Might Blair escape her loveless fake marriage with a quickie annulment after all? It looks that way, based on the sneak preview clip from Monday's episode below! Then she and Dan can live happily ever after, right?

Somehow we don't think it will be that simple, but that's the gist of what she's saying as she explains to the Hump that because they signed the prenup in Monaco but wed in the U.S., she may be able to get it annulled.

Seriously. Gossip Girl writing at its best/worst. It'll get Louis out of the picture at least. See below:

In the producers' weekly preview, we're treated to some additional footage from the episode, as well as some broad, additional teases regarding what we can expect to take place throughout "The Princess Dowry."

We now know that:

  • The return of William van der Woodsen and the reason behind it are crucial
  • Some major, "life-changing" secrets and reveals are going to come out
  • The prestige and wealth of the UES plays a particularly prominent role
  • The episode takes place almost in real time - within a couple of hours
  • Chair and Dair fans will both have a lot to discuss afterward

Take a look at the two-minute episode preview and comment below!

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@Meep Oh, that's interesting. @CC Yeah, a terrible show like Gossip Girl doesn't need to be analyzed. @somebody It's still on because it was Dawn Ostroff's baby and it got all of the special attention unlike the other shows on the CW, even though it deserves to be canceled for its' terrible ratings/demos 0.5 and 1 million viewers is a joke and it doesn't help that the writing is terrible. @Zoran We already knew that.


@GossipGirlFan13 I like you because you are a real gossip girl fan


@Tha Phoenix i don't know what Mock court cases is? I am going to be a game designer.


@Anonymous Ya I agree can we please, PLEASE not bring the psycho analysis into this show? At least the "your favorite ship shows that your love life is like such and such" stuff. It feels like an underhanded way to insult the people who like the ship you don't (that's a collective you). This is fantasy. Poorly constructed at that. None of it is grounded in real life anymore. I mean this thread is dedicated to the discussion of the ridiculous dowry and its insta-never-before-seen-loophole. OK, but maybe we're all a bit masochistic for sitting through this last season or so. :-p


I hope you're right, no more Serena series would be the same. She and Blair are the main female characters in the series and series without them can not be continued. I add that if anyone doubted I’m fan of Serena and Dan.


@ Tha Phoenix: If you read this, I didn't read your reply until now and I just wanted to say that I agree with your comment.


@GossipGirlFan13 – Oh please quit telling us how we need to view/review a show that we love and have been also watching since Day1. For someone who’s acting all annoyed at the shippers and wants to come across as discussing only what in your head you probably consider the more worthy topics, you said these in your comments - “I'm all the way Chair.� “Again I'm a fan of Chair but I dont mind Dair at all.� “Of course I'd like Chair as endgame.� And this from you, an “I-can-comment-without-mentioning-the-ships� er! First learn to comment without making a single reference to any ship, then preach to lesser beings like us, “crazy, silly� people on how we should comment. Me? I’m happy everyone watches and discusses and keeps this show relevant. And am proud to say Dair FTW!


@fuck this shit..i agree with you...blair don't deserve with anyone..she should end up alone... confess feelings towards each man in the show is not love actually... i bet after this maybe rufus or eric also would be in the list...don't mess with other people feelings girl...to the writers...if you thinks by making this type of scandal would make the rating increase sorry guys..it's not working at all but actually it makes it worst...no one talks about gg anymore in my place..they already frustrated with the ending of The O.C so not again with GG... to Dair fans are u sure after this blair would only stick with dan??..well there one more season guys.. don't be too confidence..the writers really likes to pissed off the fans.. to chair fans..well just be patient..are u sure they already over??think again guys..you know why this show is still on the television right??...xoxo


actually no abuse required..just one of those interesting (strange) laws.


@Meep Maybe, if it's in some sort of abusive/controlling relationship, there could be legal actions that could be taken up in court proceedings. @GossipGirlFan13 That's what happens when you make the entire show revolve around relationship drama and it doesn't help that Josh Safran and the writers are egging this on.