Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: A Prenup Loophole?

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Might Blair escape her loveless fake marriage with a quickie annulment after all? It looks that way, based on the sneak preview clip from Monday's episode below! Then she and Dan can live happily ever after, right?

Somehow we don't think it will be that simple, but that's the gist of what she's saying as she explains to the Hump that because they signed the prenup in Monaco but wed in the U.S., she may be able to get it annulled.

Seriously. Gossip Girl writing at its best/worst. It'll get Louis out of the picture at least. See below:

In the producers' weekly preview, we're treated to some additional footage from the episode, as well as some broad, additional teases regarding what we can expect to take place throughout "The Princess Dowry."

We now know that:

  • The return of William van der Woodsen and the reason behind it are crucial
  • Some major, "life-changing" secrets and reveals are going to come out
  • The prestige and wealth of the UES plays a particularly prominent role
  • The episode takes place almost in real time - within a couple of hours
  • Chair and Dair fans will both have a lot to discuss afterward

Take a look at the two-minute episode preview and comment below!

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@GossipGirlFan13 What would you like to discuss


@anonymous...I was just kidding, in reality a person could bring an action of alienation of affection against someone in the court of law if they feel that person convinced their spouse to leave them or seek divorce....crazy laws in some place.


It's so funny that at the beginning of this post we were able to keep the arguing of shippers to the bare minimum of like 2 or 3 and actually discuss the what if's of the upcoming episode. Now it's turned into pure craziness and silliness again. Ugh! I give up with hoping that there won't be a constant war between shippers. Not to offend anyone but everyone has a ship they like...HOWEVER if you've been watching this show since day 1...you didn't start watching it because of a particular ship! Quit arguing with each other...It's going to be what it's going to be. And all this percentage mess...where are you even getting your figures? So thankful for the people I was able to have a wonderful discussion with at the beginning of this thread.


@Meep Dan isn't alienating anyone's affection, it's just that Blair has been coming back to him and relying on him for a lot of things. I don't think psychology should be applied to a crappy show like Gossip Girl.


@junior, when did alienation start meaning crazy...however Chuck could try to take Dan to court for alienation of affection...lol


@Ford This is ford failing psychology 101, you know peeps always want from fantasy what they don't have in real life. Them Dair fans got some crazy stuff going on in real life so they want in fantasy something calm and sweet, them Chair fans got their real life relationships on lock so they fantasize about a relationship out of control. Just sayin'


@Tha Phoenix Well, the writers do seem to enjoy pissing people off. @GossipGirlFan13 They don't seem very enthusiastic about the show, I don't blame them. @PassTheMacarons,Please You spelled macaroons incorrectly.

Tha phoenix

@Anonymous I agree. I'm usually not the type to complain about tv shows, but I feel that after five seasons of loyalty, I deserve some return on my investment. And right now, I don't feel that I've gotten any. Part of the problem with the writers is that they started concentrating solely on the relationship aspect of the show. This is in contrast to seasons 1, 2 and the first half of S4. The aforementioned included relationships, but also revolved around friendships, money, family loyalty etc. I actually think that, with the exception of the whole Russell Thorpe thing, S4 was a pretty solid season. GG only really started going down the shitter this year. @LatinaLover Mock court cases. :)


I think we reveal our own psychology by the couple we prefer. Chuck and Blair's relationship is an angry sexual romp filled with manipulation and distrust. Dan and Blair are intellectually combative with growing mutual respect. What I'm not saying all that well here is that the couple you prefer might just mirror where you're at in your own life.


@Zoran I don't think that means that she's leaving the show. I'm almost positive she's in contract for a 6th season as they all are. Leighton and Ed have made it clear that after the 6th season they will leave. I'm sure Blake will leave too after next season. I believe the only way she won't be back next season is if she's asked to be killed off. I think that statement was just pertaining to the fact that she's taking off time from movies to possibly open a restaurant! They should be filming through the early part of next year (2013) at least (if they are renewed for a 6th season.)

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