Grey's Anatomy Photo Preview: "One Step Too Far"

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Grey's Anatomy returns two weeks from this Thursday, on March 15.

In "One Step Too Far," Derek encourages a hesitant Meredith to work with him again in neurology. Picking up where we left off last week (see review and Round Table), Cristina becomes increasingly suspicious of Owen's every move.

Meanwhile, Jackson's mother, Catherine Avery, returns to Seattle Grace with a urology fellow and develops an interest in Richard. Finally, Alex tries to deny the fact that Morgan may be falling for him. Should be very interesting.

Click to enlarge photos from the episode and comment below:

Catherine and Richard
Richard in a Tux
Jackie, Date
GA Guest Star
Handsome Avery
Jackson and Jackson's Mom
Debbie Allen on Grey's Anatomy
Welcome Back Catherine
U Kidding?
Cristina Walks Off
Glau on Grey's
Sandra as Cristina
Back to Neuro?
Not at All Pleased
Summer Glau on Grey's Anatomy
Suspicious Cristina
A Goodbye?
Such Sadness in Seattle
Two Patients in Trouble
Take This
Tense Exchanges Galore
Debbie Allen on Grey's

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So, are rewritten urimesmes not counted no matter what? I just did a proper summery for the Planetary preview where there was originally just information on where it previously appeared, but no actual details on what the plot was about.Also, there wouldn't happen to be a way to spy on the competition and see how many urimesmes others have written, is there? Or would that ruin the fun of competition?


I agree.. don't touch Richard and Adele. We need couples like that to give ideas that marriage can and should be solid. How about the movie "The Notebook"? Couples can stay faithful solid in good and bad, health and sickness!
And as for Owen and Cristina? come on.. why is there such a lack of communication between them??? don't want a baby? talk it out, you are suspicious of each other, TALK! that is why marriages fall, because people make assumptions and don't talk!!! come on!


The reason that the show is having a two week break is because there's only 8 new eposoide left this season so they have to spread them out. They have to make sure the season finale airs in May.


stupid that we never heard of morgan before tho, it's like 'oh we need a new love for alex, its about time, lets just made up someone who was never in greys'


I KNEW IT that she will fall for alex, still don't like any other girl then izzie with him tho, it's just heir chemi/storyline


I guess the title could refer to Cris being unprofessional accusing the nurse of something she hasn't done. As a CoS Owen won't be pleased about that.
It'll be nice to see MerDer together in the OR again. But I think Mer will not want to return to neuro, because she almost broke her marriage up when she cheated on the clinical trial. Now MerDer have Zola, I don't think she'll ever want to risk that again. I hope I'm wrong!


I don't like the idea of Debbie coming onto Webber. I hope he happily rebuffs her.
It should also be interesting to see Cristina working with THAT nurse.


did anyone else feel like Morgan just sort of popped out of no where? ... and why 2 weeks!!!??? we waited almost 2 months over xmas, and now 2 weeks!? D:


don't touch Richard and Adele they are amazing, I love the way they love each under!
Shonda Ur going to a MTV challenge for this! XD

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Alex: I felt bad that I had to sit with you all night so you didn't cry yourself to sleep over your sad premie.
Morgan: He has a brain bleed!

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