Back to Neuro?
Will Mer work with Derek again on Grey's Anatomy?

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I love this T.v serial on AXN...everybody did great Favorite
actor is Patrick (Mr.Derek).Every body did justice to their Work.....
Awesome...Simply Cool.I have seen the Episodes many many times but it
looks like that the show has just started...and I have not seen it be-
fore...the songs during the dialogues...the suspense ...the Drama.....
the Excitement...the Fantastic acting of the entire successful team...
Love it.


That's one lucky patient having the McDreamy's as doctors!


WOOT! maybe this will finally lead to meredith declaring neuro as her specialty. which, lets face it, would be awesome :)


yayayayayayayay!!! finally, i just hope this doesn't go wrong.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Alex: I felt bad that I had to sit with you all night so you didn't cry yourself to sleep over your sad premie.
Morgan: He has a brain bleed!

We're trained to be vigilant, to chase down the problem, to ask all the right questions, to find the root cause until we know exactly what it is and we confront it. It takes an extreme amount of caution or we can't overstep ourselves. We can create problems that don't exist.