Happy Endings Review: Meeting the Friends

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It was hard to follow last week's ah-mah-zing episode, but "Everybody Loves Grant" still gave us some good laughs, as this week's Happy Endings continued Max's journey of love by letting us really get to know his boyfriend, Grant.

It's never easy to introduce your new paramour to your group of friends, especially if they're a wild bunch like the Happy Endings crew. Seeing how nervous Max was, they all realized that Grant was really important to him and vowed to behave. But apparently one can be overzealous about behaving.

James Wolk on Happy Endings

There's also acting overzealous with your affection and I have to say that the gang took it too far. I get it, Grant is awesome, but their obsession with him got a wee bit annoying by the end. If anything, Dave's refusal to let Grant win him over was probably the funniest aspect.

Penny is selfish and I love her, but what guy would really stick around with a new girl who was acting that competitive and psychotic? Let Max be in love without all of the meddling. As much as I'm entertained by her man-of-the-week routine, she was acting just a tad too desperate to be included in Max's new relationship.

Jane's description of all the good "couples" they hang out with was hilarious. Half are rude and half want to have sex with them. Well, I can certainly see that. Especially if Brad puts on some D'Angelo and whips out his P'An- whoops that was last week's joke. Still hilarious, though.

Max got people talking whether he had his shirt on or off. The vest and pocket square was a nice touch, even if it was a little bit Scott Disick/Patrick Bateman. Everybody wanted to be twinsies with the adorable Grant. Everyone except for Dave, who unsurprisingly would think he's the "cool" guy of the group. Dave is so hipster with his v-necks and thin scarf, it's great.

The highlight of this episode was when Grant broke down at dinner. I would've had a full fledged panic attack if everyone was all over my junk the way they were to him. The minute Grant decided he couldn't work to impress Max's friends anymore was the moment that he really impressed Max. Nobody wants to date somebody who is so perfect. It's a really daunting task.

Max is sloppy, he drives an unlicensed limo and has a borderline creepy relationship with food. And there's nothing wrong with that, because we love Max for his quirks. Everyone has to realize that this is Max's second chance with Grant and that in itself is scary enough.

It's great for your friends to like your significant other, but I can see how it could get overwhelming. Besides what's the big deal with going on a couples date? Hang with who you like! If everyone relaxed I bet the lovefest with Grant would get even better.

What did you all think? Was the Grant love a bit much for you or was it right on point? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out my favorite quotes from this week.

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Eludium q36

Yeh, the Grantasms were too much, so much so that I thought it was going to be revealed as a dream/nightmare sequence of Max's. And Penny's date suggesting swapping was expected and forced. The freshness of the show has given way to a staid predictability. Not sure we'll see a season three for it.


I agree with the review. Funny but the characters besides Dave overdid their affection for Grant. Grant's blowup to Dave on the motorbike was the best part. I liked Alex's line about liking the sound of bones crunching.


grant is hot! thats all I'm going to say


This was a pretty good episode, although I have to agree with you the fawning got a little obnoxious by the end. I still enjoyed it though, and it was one of the few episodes I watched as it aired. Generally I try to get to bed by then (I work early mornings), which is where dishonline(dot)com becomes a lifesaver. It’s a free streaming site run by my employer, DISH, and it has a ton of great content on it, including Happy Endings. I definitely recommend checking it out if you miss any of your favorites too, even if your not a subscriber of DISH you can still view a lot of the shows.

Happy Endings Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

This is not the time for jokes guys. Especially when this is the fattest I've ever been. How could you let me out of the house looking this fat?


C'mon guys, you always leave me hanging with the dirty sound effects.