Hawaii Five-0 Review: Archer Hits The Mark

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This is officially my favorite episode this season. While I was sad that Lori has left the show, I can say that Tony Archer (James Caan) turned my frown upside down and made me laugh so much that by the end the episode I was saying: Lori who?!?

I’m not afraid to admit that I've had a little man-crush on Caan since the first season of Las Vegas. He and Josh Duhamel are what made the show survive when so many other programs about Vegas were failing at the time. As much as I’ve enjoyed the bromance and carugments between Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin, having Caan Senior in the mix just made it that much funnier. When he pointed out their “hen pecking” and offered to be their marriage counselor I was cheering. 

Danny, Tony, and Steve

Did anyone else expect some sort of nod to Scott and James being related? I really thought we would get some sort of inside joke, but that wasn’t the case. What we did get was Tony giving us some of the best quotes so far this season. 

CBS, please tell me you have the elder Caan lined up to make return visits. Not only was he humorous, but he really brought characters back down to earth; their behavior and actions seemed believable for a change. Speaking of believable...

Did you notice not one suspect took off running this week? All the way to the end when they arrested Todd I just knew someone was going to run. I was wrong. Now, before you mention Dumb and Dumber who took Raines’ body (that is how they were listed in the credits), keep in mind that they were already running before Five-0 confronted them. So they don’t count.

I also took note that they explained why Raines and Archer we’re not Hawaiian, that they had moved there from New York. Why couldn't they have done that with Frye earlier this season? Was it really so hard? I hope nobody pulled a finger writing that. 

Finally, I’m willing to let the fact that Dennis Miller was only in the episode for three minutes slide given how much they used James Caan. If I had to pick between the two, I’m taking Tony Archer over Bobby Raines every time and twice on Mondays. Here’s hoping we see Tony again real soon. 


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@martinelli - no I liked the Subway commercial too but I tend to overlook stuff that others find annoying (like the use of the Hilton) and even Steve's over-the-top handling of suspects (he's not a cop so he doesn't follow the "cop" bible which sets Danny off). Every show has its quirks and characters, takes liberties and uses product placement to their advantage (bet you can't look at a Subway sandwich and not think Kamekono!!). Better yet, we get to sound off about it all - good, bad and indifferent - on great blogs like this one and yours!


@Zia - We all are complaining about things we don't like and it's ok to do it. That's what keeps us here. Sometimes it's one character, sometimes it's the plot, a scene or a crime. I guess I was the only one enjoying the Subway commercial with Kamekona :)


I had a few comments I was going to make about reality, but I came to my senses in time to stop. So all I'm to say is I believe that real police work is probably pretty routine and would make for really boring tv. I'm only hypothesizing as I don't know any police and fortunately have had no occasion to deal with them. Maybe it's more exciting than I think


Martinelli....I think we all know, its not what is suppose to be done. Yes, you can say its wrong, but when it happens in every show, not just on H50, you can't expect to be shocked by how unrealistic it is. I'm sorry, but if it bothers people so much that they constantly bring it up, then there are other shows. I admit I'm guilty of complaining about a certain character, but then I realized that I'm not in control and constantly complaining is just futile. I still enjoyed the show. Its like the product placements, yes the subway one was really obvious, but I was watching a season 3 repeat of Burn Notice and there was at least 3 close ups of a six pack and a single beer of Miller in the same episode. That was at least 2 yrs ago, before H50 was on the air. Yet people keep bringing up the subway and other products that are on the show. Its was is part of the modern day show, we may not like it, but its not going to stop.


@Jim - Of course I remember that scene and also remember Steve doing many horrible things. I also remember Danny blaming Steve for it, telling him he's an animal and he needs professional help (I actually have said these things before) and lately he's the one placing grenades in suspects hands, shooting people etc. So I know this is something we can expect from the writers but that doesn't mean we can't say it's wrong, does it? :):)


@Kyra - I know this is a Tv show and not reality but even so, let's be honest for a moment and look back a bit. Danny shot a handcuffed man in the leg and got away with it, now Papa Caan did these things and I'm pretty sure there were many similar things in the past. I'm not expecting this show to be 100% real but it should be close to it. It's ok to rough the suspect up a bit, but kidnapping ans shooting people are punishable acts for police officers too.


@martinelli, Steve and Danny kidnapped a guy with a bag over his head and made him think that he was hanging off a cliff to get answers, and then arrested him when he confessed just a few weeks ago -- Like that wouldn't have been a law suite and tossed out for police misconduct. I found Caan Sr doing it as a PI more believable since he is a civilian. But, it's an action show, so you have to expect that type of liberties with the "rules" as they were.


@Kyra....I agree. This isn't reality. I wish we could do what TV shows do. Like get run over by a car and fall off a roof in the same day, then go off to do our training on a ship without any problem. I don't think, Star Wars, ET, James Bond, and Poltergeist movies are real either, but they draw millions of people to the theaters. I think there are very few sane people that think Mr. Spock is really a Vulcan. But its entertaining, so we go see them. How is TV any different, its all acting.


@Martinelli, yes, he did not have jurisdiction, nor did he do it by the book.
And if this was reality, then he would have to pay the price, not to mention the courts releasing the suspects on legal grounds. This is not reality though is it? You have not seen any other TV show do the same exact things and get away with it? All the things on the CSI shows are not real. All the things on the NCIS shows are not real. Cops in real life don't get away with this stuff. That's the magic of TV.


@Kyra - His helping techniques are a bit strange, don't you think? Kidnapping, handcuffing a "suspect" and placing him in a box is not exactly by the book, not to mention that he had no jurisdiction to do that.

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