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Think positively. What did "Man of the House" do right? I suppose I was intrigued with House trying to pull one over on the government by faking his marriage to Dominika. 

But I think I was only interested because even though the cited reason for him pretending was money, it seems to me that House wouldn't really do something like that unless he wanted to. Which circles back around to the question of House's motives. 

Why does House want to help Dominika? Does he like her company? Is he lonely? Obviously. Maybe he just wants someone around. Throughout the series, he has lived with Wilson on and off and appeared to take comfort in his pal's presence. Even when he roomed with Alvie during "Broken," he was annoyed at first and then grew quite fond of his roommate.  House needs someone around. He can't be alone. And no, I don't think House is heading for true love with Dominika, at least I hope not, but a companionship for House could be healthy, even if it is dysfunctional.

House and Dominika

As far as the patient goes, I liked that he was a man who recognized the value of women. Kind of. Actually, not really. 

Joe, the patient of the week, needed testosterone and was only sensitive and more feminist because he lacked testosterone. Is this really representative of how testosterone works?  That was one of a few medical things that bothered me this week, which is strange since I usually never pay too much attention to the differentials. But I was annoyed by them discussing a Lyme's disease diagnosis without a target rash, which was a huge deal in a season four episode called "Ugly." Picky, I know. 

I also feel like jaundice and liver failure going hand in hand has been used far too many times. Enough times so that each time someone has jaundice on this show, I know it means liver failure. So that must mean that I'm ready to practice fictional medicine, yes?

In the end, the patient chooses his wife and work over his daily dose of health and manhood, a sacrifice that makes him a bigger... man? I'm too turned around. And distracted by Dominika's Amy Grant-ics. 

In team news, House opts for conflict over collegiality, so he forces his team members to vie for second place to his first. At first, everyone seems to be above this clear attempt to create conflict. But then it actually works, despite every team member wanting to remain friendly. I'm sorry, but did Chase's stabbing actually happen? Did House not admit fault to the way he runs things? 

It was my understanding that his apology to Chase at the end of "Nobody's Fault" was such a poignant moment because House finally realized that his system for diagnosing, while effective, may actually be dangerous. So this week, rather than learning from his wisdom, we see him fall right back into the patterns we've seen so many times before. 

It's not like I expected a complete turn around, but some mention of his methodology and the scrutiny he was just under might have been nice. Instead, the only mentions of the stabbing were when Chase walking in to the outer office, barely limping, and when Taub talked to House about the team being brought together by the stabbing. With nine episodes left, can this series really afford to just coast into one last dramatic story arc? 


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I enjoy watching the dynamics between House and Dominica. I could see this sparring being as close to a caring relationship as House can have. I also liked the deal House and Taub struck at the end. I'm not particularly concerned that Chase wasn't limping more. 1.) We don't know how much time has passed since the stabbing. 2.) It's a television story and doesn't have to agree with AMA guidelines. I'm just glad there's a little fun back in the storyline again.


I enjoyed this ep, and I like Dominika. I think she makes a good companion for House, even if it doesn't turn into true love, it's nice to see another person other than Wilson in his life. He definitely seems to care about her. If history shows us anything it's that House needs someone to keep him from being alone with only himself & his thoughts. It will be interesting to see how this goes. Hopefully it doesn't end horribly, and this gives House a little contentment! Especially since judging by the next ep's preview, House is in for a rough patch.


Great review. Couldn't agree more. The previous two episodes were so well done, that they pulled me back into the show, after feeling very meh about it the past two seasons. This ep was definitely a step backwards. I was hoping the show would go out with the same glory it came in with, but now I'm a litle worried. And about House needing to "not" be alone, I also agree. As we've always seen with this character, he needs someone around to torment and play with. Not sure if this is what makes House happy, or that it's just what keeps him from going over the edge. Therapeutic diversion?


My comments part four, (FINALLY!): Love is a big deal for a guy like House and he won't let himself become emotionally attached to Dominika (includes not having sex) because then it ruins everything. He's still House, all about protecting himself. Besides, she even said she's too smart to fall in love with him. I'm annoyed that they threw this ep in there, it just doesn't fit. It may have been one of their "fun" eps. However she's in ep 18 and that's the first in the arc leading to the finale so my hope is that the month long hiatus = six month progression for the characters and that she gets her green card and leaves in 18. All I care about at this point is the rest of House's journey. The rest of the season should be about HIM, not any of this sideshow crap. :) Jess


My comments, part three: That final scene w/House going into his apt, rearranged, fire going and Dominika (so innocent, campy) in the kitchen dancing to Amy Grant was interesting. For the first time in a long time he looked somewhat content? Not going home alone to monster trucks/scotch/Vicodin. She reminds him of Alvie maybe, her energy/youth. He must be lonely b/c House doesn't like anyone touching his stuff! I think that he actually does want to help her get the green card and it has nothing to do with money or even sex. He just wants to do something nice. I can see him caring about her but not in love with her. More..


My comments, part two: You're also right about the Chase thing. Where's the lesson House learned in Nobody's Fault? Or was there a lesson at all? Remember at the end of "Chase" he said "you re-evaluate your life after you make a mistake, you didn't, you just got stabbed." House's apology to Chase makes it clear he believes he made a mistake, but then this quote and his behavior last night negates that. I'm totally confused on exactly what House feels. More...


My comments, part one: Good review. Surprised you gave it three stars LOL. Shore said he never planned to revisit the Dominika thing yet here we are. Uggh! It's possible that they're trying to convey to us the extent of House's loneliness and the fact that he really wants to do the right thing (like helping her when it could send him to jail). I liked what you said about him liking the company. Remember when Wilson and Alvie stayed with him? Drove him crazy but he liked it even though it threw him out of his comfort zone. Wilson seems the only one who is his friend without wanting something from him. Even Dominika wants something--the green card.

Uncle jackass

I think the point of the episode was that men are better people with a woman in their lives; romantic or platonic or etc. Studies have showed that men lives longer, improve in their grades & studies in uni-sex schools/college, and we get tax cuts. Conversely, not true for women. Perhaps, House just needs a companion. Who? Doctor Who?


I think one or will fall for the other but IDK if they will end up together it depends if Lisa will return for the Finale or not if she returns I think House and Cuddy will end up but if not I think Dominica will end with House.


Well the way he looked at her when she told him shes not crazy to fall in love with him indicates something. :D This might get us to a more different ending than we expect.

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