Justified Review: Each Our Own Devil

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Better "The Devil You Know" than the devil you don't. The episode title of Justified's fourth chapter of the year took on a bit of a literal meaning as Boyd's right-hand man, Devil, attempted to make waves within Harlan County corruption before meeting his untimely death.

As is usually the case, the popular idiom also took on its figurative meaning in a couple of fashions over the course of the hour. The most prevalent being Devil himself choosing to side with the devil he didn't know - Mr. Quarles - over the devil he had known forever, Boyd Crowder.

Dickie in Pain

Devil probably would have been better off sticking with the low pay of the Crowder clan. If he just kept on doing what he has done over the years, it is pretty safe to say that Boyd never would have harmed him. He's straightforward that way.

Devil's attempt at defecting to the devil he didn't know was exactly what got him in trouble. Who is to say what would have happened if he had made it out of Boyd's grasps safely, and ended up working for Quarles? Would he have had a similar fate? Most likely, but he didn't know that. Again, he doesn't know Quarles the way we do.

Like last week, Boyd proved that he is nothing if not always prepared for the situation at hand. When Devil stuck that gun in his face, it was as if Boyd knew exactly how the rest of it was going to go down. Johnny pulls his piece, Boyd shoots Devil in the chest, and then he puts the wounded traitorous man out of his misery with a bullet to the brain.

It was simply some ruthless action by Boyd... and some thrilling television for the audience.

The other character that should have thought about sticking with the devil he knew is Dickie Bennett. Prison must be some kind of awful, but now he is a wounded, broke, wanted fugitive with no friends or family to turn to on the outside. I can't imagine he wouldn't have tried harder to stay inside if he knew this was going to be his fate.

All of those decisions aside, what I really loved about "The Devil You Know" was the cross-connections it created between all of our heroes and villains. Through the first three episodes it seemed as if Raylan and Quarles were going to match up on one side of the story, while Boyd and Limehouse would interact on the other.

Here, we were treated to a wonderful Raylan/Limehouse interaction, and while Boyd and Quarles didn't meet in person, they certainly inter-mingled through the likes of the now deceased Devil. The collision of all of these characters might be coming quicker than I expected, and we should all be excited about that.

While all of this Boyd, Devil, and Dickie business was going on, Raylan spent his time trying to figure it all out, and once he got to the prison guard with his buckets of chicken, the Marshal didn't need to use any fancy gun fighting tricks.

As awesome as it is when Raylan pulls on his foe quicker than Brett Maverick, sometimes it is the simplistic wins for Raylan Givens that are the most entertaining. When the guard pulled on Raylan in his car, I laughed out loud at the latter's decision just to run the former over. The idiot pointed the gun again, so Raylan backed over him. It might not have been pretty, but it got the job done, and it was pretty darn hilarious.

It was probably my least favorite of the first four episodes, but "The Devil You Know" also gave us some insight into Rachel's back story, the return of Loretta and that great scene in which Limehouse and his man saved Dickie Bennett and the $46,000.

What did you think of the episode? Would you have jumped ship from Boyd to Quarles? Is $46,000 really all the Limehouse has left of the money? And how creepy was the prison doctor when he was preparing to use his tools on Dewey Crowe's body?!?


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This was the best episode of the season so far. Reminded me of the end of Season 2. I see a big conflict boiling between the "mafia" and Crowder. The question is how will Limehouse play into the whole thing. Will he take sides with Crowder or let Crowder face his fate alone?


You know what they say, gettin' old ain't for pussies. Hahaha best line of the night. Raylan and Boyd kill every scene they're in together.


the prison doc played a hitter on leverage a couple of times! liked him on leverage but he's just creepy on justified!! love the raylan/boyd interaction and devil was an idiot thinking he could get one over on boyd!! can't wait till next tuesday!! :o)

Strawberry fields

I love how Raylan always starts a conversation with an anecdote and only after telling the story he gets to the point and asks the actual question. Relationship between Raylan and Boyd is probably the best quasi-friendship in television. Even if they have one scene together, it's always the best scene of the episode. Every time Dickie opens his mouth, I laugh so hard. The way he talks is just epic. Quarles is super creepy, which is awesome. Poor Devil, I liked him (and he had totally awesome nickname). But honestly he had it coming. How stupid could he be? He really thought he can go against Boyd and get out of it alive? Going to Johnny was like the stupidest thing ever. To me it was obvious Johnny would not cross Boyd. Can I just have one request? More Tim! I love that guy and lately he's gone MIA. @Ryan - I believe the name of that actor is Clayne Crawford.


This show is amazing and the relationship between Raylan and Boyd couldn't be any better. They don't trust each other but are always there for each other when it really counts. When there in a scene together you can just see the wheels turning in both their heads. Who in their right mind would try and cross Boyd anyway. Guess maybe devil wasn't in his right mind. Loved the part where Raylan ran over the guard and where he said he had to save Dickie Bennett. I am glad they brought Lorretta back and I love her and Raylan's relationship and i just love the whole cast and the show. It is very well put together and can never wait till the next show.


Best episode of S3 so far. Loved the scene where Raylan goes to the bar to consult with Boyd. This episode was classic Elmore Leonard--no wasted dialogue or scenes. Everybody consulted with, partnered with, and/or ultimately dealt with "the devil they knew" during this exceptional 43 minutes. I was sad to see Devil turn on Boyd, but that was coming since the Pilot when Boyd ordered him away as soon as Raylan appeared at the church. Keeps getting better, never disappoints, and always leaves you wanting more! What more can you ask of the best show on TV?


Can anyone tell me what the actors name was or his characters name is at the end of last nights episode who injected the guy in the neck and had the surgical tools laid out on the bed?


Quarles is just plain creepy! I dont think that guy could play another roll, but I also wondered about the person tied in his bed? I kinda thought he was also going to have his kidney or something takin' just a way to tie those two different story lines together


Wouldn't have left Boyd for all the shine in nem thar hills.

Uss biddle dlg 34

Poor ol Devil. Justified's loss is Unforgettables gain.
Boyd & boys show once again why it's on the drama top 10 with the other 9 must watch ....big / bad boys.

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You know what they say, getting old ain't for pussies.


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