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Justified reminds me of The Godfather movies-there are bad guys for whom we root. (In The Godfather movies, all we had were bad guys.)

"Is $46,000 really all that Limehouse has left of the money?" If I heard correctly, Limehouse said that with the $46,000 were receipts showing that the rest of the money had been spent by Mags in buying up property. That is something that is verifiable. So, either Limehouse is lying, or the government has tied up all the property and Mags' wealth was not as extensive as the government was led to believe, or there are one or more straw men out there holding property for the remaining Bennetts.


As we have come to expect, Justified keeps us glued to our chair throughout and left surprised when the hour is over. You are absolutely right, it is like watching someone making something but we have no idea what it is. Each move is related but it takes a while before the reveal. Raylan (like many of us) has stories about characters in his childhood which gives insight into them as adults. Boyd has a Judge Dread sense of justice, one small chance of redemption but the outcome is assured and swift. My complaint - no Ava or Winona. Also, I'm still wondering who was tied to the bed in Quarles house last week? Quarles talking to his kid on the phone is creepy,

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