Justified Review: Oxy Morons

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This was the first time in season three's early run that I wasn't jumping up and down with excitement during and after an episode of Justified.  That's not to say that "When the Guns Come Out" wasn't still great, because it was.

It was filled with a shotgun shootout, a fight on a moving trailer, and plenty of great moments that began to move a number of the pieces around on this gigantic hillbilly chess board, so it was definitely a satisfying hour.

Raylan vs. Ava

As is usually the case with Justified, let's start by talking about these great villains.  Both Quarles and Limehouse had their own moment to chew up the screen while exemplifying what their respective character is all about.  Oh, and it goes without saying at this point, but McDonough and Williamson were once again wonderful.

Quarles is a man who enjoys being the bad guy.  It's fun for him, so when Winn told him that Raylan busted up their oxy clinic, he just laughed, took a puff on his cigar, and said that it was "awesome."  The guy enjoys this part of it.  Quarles set out to learn more about the Marshal who was onto him, so finding out that he and Boyd work together, and that Raylan's dad is part of Boyd's crew, was just another step in the right direction for this carpetbagger's fun game of life.

Limehouse, on the other hand, is a man that just wants to survive.  He's not only looking out for himself, but also those that he cares about.  When he found out that his number two was stirring the pot in Harlan, trying to pit bad guys against bad guys, we were all treated to another intimidating speech by the BBQ Butcher.  As he said, the way Limehouse rolls has worked for the past 15 decades, so why try to change anything now.  Being completely on top, all by yourself, isn't worth the collateral damage.  He isn't willing to sacrifice any of the people of his holler, just to run the county.

Inevitably Quarles and Limehouse will come to blows, with Boyd and Raylan likely in the middle of all of it as well.  When it happens, hopefully none of them are as dumb as Delroy, who thought he was all tough bringing a knife to a gun fight.

How great was that quip by Raylan when Delroy did break out that knife though?  "Shit! I didn't bring a knife," as he motioned to his holster.  That's just classic Raylan right there.

Do you know what else is a classic Raylan Givens move?  Not being able to change.  That is exactly why Winona finally left him for the second time.  She didn't run off to Costa Rica with the money from the evidence locker - she left that to Charlie in Mexico - but she sure didn't want to sit alone in an empty house anymore.  Raylan's never going to be the family man that he would need to be for Winona to stick it out.

He's never going to quit being the lawman who gets shot every other month, so it's the right call for them to split up.  It's just a shame, because they are extremely fun to watch together.  When they're happy, Raylan and Winona's back-and-forth is some of the best on tv.

"When the Guns Come Out" wasn't the most thrilling hour of Justified's third season, but it was integral to the story telling.  What did you all think of the episode?  Which villain do you enjoy more, Quarles or Limehouse?  And what on earth is Charlie going to do in Mexico with all that money?  Sound off in the comments!


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I love Raylan & Winona together, I think the both of them work well together, and hope this break-up is temporary. Absolutely hated Carla Gugino's character, don't care to see her again. But I do love the villian's this season, should be very interesting how it all plays out. Love Raylan & Boyd's relationship, how serious & funny they can be at once.


I am also on the side of "Bring Back the Hat" and honestly I dont really like Raylan being "settled down" so to speak, so winona gone dosent bother me.
Quarles is just plain creepy, like skin crawl creepy...


What happened to raylan's hat? I watch this show and no one in my house better say a word. But, somehow I missed the hat.


Charlie kicking it in Mexico at the end was brilliant!! I laughed hard at that last scene. As usual Raylan is at his best. Quarles takes interesting views on most anything, I like how he comes to the conclusions that Boyd has a US Marshall on his payroll. But yes who is the poor SOB that gets beaten mercilessly every week???


I too wonder who is the man Quarles is systematically abusing in that bedroom, and what is happening to that fiend in the next episode is going to stir up a lot of chat. Arlo is going senile and Raylan may have to deal with that along with the Winona situation, but with his strange upbringing I don' think he will ever be able to settle down and be a family man. Oliphant is doing a great job and as George Clooney said, that accent is very difficult to maintain and he comes from there. Too bad this is such a limited run series.


All Justify, all the time. Love the easy dialog and the crackling action. My husband who doesn't watch network tv is a convert. The Winona aspect, to me, is the least interesting part of the complex character of Raylan and of the show, so I don't mind at all that we'll be seeing less of her. Those 2 villains are deliciously wicked and I look forward to seeing what the writers have in store for Raylan and the viewers.


I like the easy relationship between Winona and Raylan, but I don`t feel the sexual nor emotional tension between them. I did in the first season, but since Winona stole that money and put Ray`s career in jeopardy, I have never looked at Win in the same way again. I don`t feel anything for her, I only feel for the baby. I also feel she isn`t equipt to deal with Raylan`s career. So I was actually very happy when they split up, though I was heartbroken for Ray. Now Karen can hopefully come back, there`s definitely potential there:) I also love Ray`s interaction with Rachel, Art,Boyd, and even Tim, even though we don`t know much about him. Hopefully we will learn more about Tim`s character soon. I absolutely love and adore Dewey, he just tugs at my heartstrings, poor man! Quarles and Limehouse scare the bejesus out of me, yuck!
And yeah, I miss Ray`s hat, even though I love...looove his hair!


Making Winona absent opens up time for Raylan to interact more with Carla Gugino's Karen Goodall. I expect Jere Burns' Wynn Duffy to contribute to the demise of Neal McDonough's Robert Quarles sooner rather than later. In the preview for next week's episode, was that Raymond J. Barry's Arlo Givens being knocked on the head while standing in a shallow hole?


I love Justified. I love Raylan and Winona. Please keep them together.Love all characters. Please let Ratlan and Winona have this baby.


Tired of Winona. Sorry they made her character pregnant. Yeah didn't notice his dad's memory was slipping but he didn't stay too long. Love Dewey. I was worried about him and his kidneys! Always love the exchanges between Boyd and Raylan. great show

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