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This was the first time in season three's early run that I wasn't jumping up and down with excitement during and after an episode of Justified.  That's not to say that "When the Guns Come Out" wasn't still great, because it was.

It was filled with a shotgun shootout, a fight on a moving trailer, and plenty of great moments that began to move a number of the pieces around on this gigantic hillbilly chess board, so it was definitely a satisfying hour.

Raylan vs. Ava

As is usually the case with Justified, let's start by talking about these great villains.  Both Quarles and Limehouse had their own moment to chew up the screen while exemplifying what their respective character is all about.  Oh, and it goes without saying at this point, but McDonough and Williamson were once again wonderful.

Quarles is a man who enjoys being the bad guy.  It's fun for him, so when Winn told him that Raylan busted up their oxy clinic, he just laughed, took a puff on his cigar, and said that it was "awesome."  The guy enjoys this part of it.  Quarles set out to learn more about the Marshal who was onto him, so finding out that he and Boyd work together, and that Raylan's dad is part of Boyd's crew, was just another step in the right direction for this carpetbagger's fun game of life.

Limehouse, on the other hand, is a man that just wants to survive.  He's not only looking out for himself, but also those that he cares about.  When he found out that his number two was stirring the pot in Harlan, trying to pit bad guys against bad guys, we were all treated to another intimidating speech by the BBQ Butcher.  As he said, the way Limehouse rolls has worked for the past 15 decades, so why try to change anything now.  Being completely on top, all by yourself, isn't worth the collateral damage.  He isn't willing to sacrifice any of the people of his holler, just to run the county.

Inevitably Quarles and Limehouse will come to blows, with Boyd and Raylan likely in the middle of all of it as well.  When it happens, hopefully none of them are as dumb as Delroy, who thought he was all tough bringing a knife to a gun fight.

How great was that quip by Raylan when Delroy did break out that knife though?  "Shit! I didn't bring a knife," as he motioned to his holster.  That's just classic Raylan right there.

Do you know what else is a classic Raylan Givens move?  Not being able to change.  That is exactly why Winona finally left him for the second time.  She didn't run off to Costa Rica with the money from the evidence locker - she left that to Charlie in Mexico - but she sure didn't want to sit alone in an empty house anymore.  Raylan's never going to be the family man that he would need to be for Winona to stick it out.

He's never going to quit being the lawman who gets shot every other month, so it's the right call for them to split up.  It's just a shame, because they are extremely fun to watch together.  When they're happy, Raylan and Winona's back-and-forth is some of the best on tv.

"When the Guns Come Out" wasn't the most thrilling hour of Justified's third season, but it was integral to the story telling.  What did you all think of the episode?  Which villain do you enjoy more, Quarles or Limehouse?  And what on earth is Charlie going to do in Mexico with all that money?  Sound off in the comments!


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This is the best American show on TV. I love the way Raylan and Boyd are written like opposite sides of the same coin. Their relationship is really the heart of the show, everything else is just trimming. I also love the casting as every character is perfectly chosen for their parts. It is way too early to domesticate Raylan so having him and Winona separate is the right move I think.


Excellent episode, but so many hanging stories. Still an hour (really 42 min) is not enough. Three questions 1. Arlo seems to be losing his mind, why didn't Raylan notice. 2. Who is tied to the bed getting a beating every day. 3. Why is Tim so pissy with Raylan? I believe the Raylan/Ava dialogue was way more entertaining. I have always loved the bad boy side of Raylan.


I don't know but I absolutely hate myself for loving Boyd. His and Raylan's back and forth is what I can not wait for every week. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! Perfect cast perfect writing. Love love love


I agree. I doubt Raylan and Winona are done. They're two people who love each other and will be forever connected by that child. If she thinks living apart is going to make her worry less about him, or hurt less if/when something happens to him, she's wrong. Maybe she'll come to that conclusion eventually...or maybe they'll just knock boots once in awhile. I can live with either scenario, as long as those two still interact.


I thought there was plenty of excitement and finally, some character development tor Winona. I still wouldn't count her and Raylan out as a couple just yet. I loved the way Tim Olyphant portrayed quiet desperation when her found her gone after reading last week's terse note.
I also loved his interaction with Art. The new Raylan is seemingly going to work harder at developing his relationships. He even paused to ponder what was going on internally with Arlo when he was confronting his father for mentioning his name to the police. My guess is that Quarles is going to try to use Arlo to frame Raylan. I still have one burning question: After 2 weeks w/o it, where is the hat? Did I miss something? Is it out to the cleaners. If it is getting this good, this early in the season, the final 2 episodes are going to be unbelievable! The seeds of a major confrontation have been sewn, and if it is


I love the show Justified. I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania and my mother told me when she was growing up, they had hollers. When Justified was filmed in Western Pennsylvania for either the pilot or first season, it was where I grew up. My brother works for the Pennsylvania State Highway Dep't and was able to move traffic around so filming could be done on Justified. I think he helped paint a bridge. I have just retired from the federal government after many years working for the FBI and other intelligence services. The writers and producers have a very good understanding of the Marshall service.
I like Wionna. Please don't let her leave the show or Raylan. Please let her have the baby.

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Justified Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Arlo: Sneak up on a man like that; good way to get yourself shot.
Raylan: By you in your boxer shorts there? I think I got the drop on you this time, Arlo.

So this is the new you, bartending and pushing pills? Moved on from swastikas and rocket launchers.

Raylan (to Boyd)