Lauralee Bell to Parody Paula Abdul on Castle

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This should be fun:

On the March 19 episode of Castle, longtime Young and the Restless star Lauralee Bell will make an appearance as Pam Francis, the wacky judge of a primetime singing competition. Sound like anyone you've seen on Fox?

The American Idol/X Factor/Dancing with the Stars ripoff will be titled A Night of Dance and a contestant from it will be found dead to kick off the installment.

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"She has the huge Morgan Fairchild hair and the fuchsia-colored sequined dress and the big fuchsia lips and the massive rhinestone necklace," Bell tells TV Guide Guide Magazine. "And she's over-the-top clueless. At one point, the audience is booing one of her opinions and she thinks they're calling out her name in admiration."

Castle viewers can also look forward to a "Simon Cowell-type," Bell says, along with a version of Piers Morgan... only French.


Sounds like a fun episode!!


I can't imagine her as anyone but Cricket...

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