Matt's Most Memorable Moments: The Revenge Reveal and More!

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From a winning guest star performance to a pair of bloody bodies on the beach, the following five moments stood out from a memorable week of television...

5. Louis CK on Parks and Recreation. The funniest comedian on the funniest show? Yeah. It's hard to go wrong with that.

4. Smash selects a Marilyn. Did NBC make a mistake in ending the competition between Ivy and Karen after just two episodes? With ratings dwindling, will anyone even be tuning in to see how the winning actress handled her first lead role? I remain interested, but I've also seen this Monday's installment. It's far from good.

The Infamous Book Scene

3. Valentine's Day on Criminal Minds. Many shows paid homage to this Hallmark holiday, but Criminal Minds did so with a violent battle for JJ AND a sweet kiss for Hotch. Quite the contrast in emotion, though I was standing and cheering for both.

2. So I had four kidneys? Easily the line of the week, uttered by Dewey Crowe on an especially gross and engrossing episode of Justified. Note to self: don't just take the word of a prison nurse when he claims to have removed two of your vital organs.

1. The Revenge reveal. We've been waiting all season to catch back up to Emily and Daniel's engagement party and to learn the identity of the corpse on the beach. Tyler? I'll take it. Was sort of hoping it would be Daniel, just for the major game change that would ensure, but the Grayson heir as the prime suspect in his former BFF's murder? Not exactly unengaging, either.

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They should have stuck it out and killed Daniel off- yes it would have been a huge game changer but it would have made the series more respectable. Am I the only one who thought Tyler's plotline was dragged out way too much? Seriously, noone cares he's dead and it's just a convenient way to get rid of him after he'd run out of steam. If they were gonna switch it up and kill someone else, it should have been a main character and someone we wouldn't expect at all (e.g. Declan, Nolan with his hair dyed black for some reason). This was just disappointing. At least we get to see Daniel find out about Emily's duplicity.


Revenge is the shit and deserves #1....


@Maria- I'm with you. Just complete trickery that they forced so that Daniel wouldn't die. Not very interesting. @Matt- "Louis CK on Parks and Recreation. The funniest comedian on the funniest show? Yeah. It's hard to go wrong with that." Wow. This was easily the worst thing of the week. I would love to argue over that fact at some point.


I think it is obvious Daniel still falls face first on the beach just as we were shown. Amanda (fake one) comes from behind, knocks him on the head hence him falling face first, her and Tyler have it out and she shoots him dead.


Yeah big shocker on Revenge Daniel wasn't the dead body on the beach! I mean come on we all new once they decided to push the engagement episode to the 15th episode instead of the 13th. Which is when it was suppose to originally be aired. They were gonna find some way to make Daniel not be dead even though it was clearly Daniel falling face first on the beach in the beginning of the episode. I personally think it would have been more shocking to of actually killed Daniel but whatever. Now all the Daniel lovers can rest easy their golden boy is safe.