Justified Review: The Cadillac of Beans

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The bad guys turned on each other two weeks ago in "Harlan Roulette," and it happened once again in "Thick as Mud" when Layla shot Lance before getting gunned down herself by a tranquilized Raylan laying in a bath tub.

In no way is Justified returning to the Elmore Leonard school of writing for villains too much, but if even if the series continued to use this style over and over again, it would be okay. It's extremely entertaining.

Takng Notes

Call me gullible, but I'm surprised every time.  Just as it was revealed - obviously or otherwise - that the two nurses were working together, one knocks off the other with a bullet to the back? That doesn't seem normal, so when it happens, I'm taken back by it, and excited to see what will happen next.

This week, in an unsurprising event, Raylan saved himself from the crazy woman by shooting her in the chest through the body of her victim. It might not have been the most bad ass move Raylan has ever done, but everyone was certainly shocked that it actually worked. Including Raylan.

Fortunately, how we came to that ending point was through an interesting and fun series of check points along the Dewey Crowe wild goose chase. My hypothetical big, white, cowboy hat is off to Damon Herriman, who was fantastic in playing what his character thought were "the end times for Dewey Crowe."

He showed us fear. He showed us desperation  And he showed us comedic chops with one of the funniest lines of the year. You mean I had four kidneys? It doesn't get much better than that.

Well, that is, unless you are talking about a certain meeting between a southern gangster and a carpetbagger from Detroit, because when Quarles and Boyd Crowder sat down to chat, my eyes were glued to the screen.

It wasn't quite the epic confrontation I was expecting. The mutual respect Quarles and Boyd showed each other was surprising in some ways, but it also made a lot of sense. They both recognized each other's intelligence, skills, and power.

Quarles recited a quote. Boyd knew who had once said it. Later Boyd uttered a different quote. Quarles knew who had said it. There are a lot of intellectual similarities between these two, and they could make a pretty formidable pairing.

While I agree with Quarles' statement that they would make much more money as partners than they ever would as rivals, I don't think anyone should trust Quarles enough to go into business with the guy. Stay away, Boyd. Keep doing your own thing, and let the carpetbagger attempt to make a dent in Harlan County without you.

While all of this was going on, Mr. Limehouse has quietly had a mole on the inside. She witnessed Boyd's interaction with Quarles' man, Tanner, and reported it back to Limehouse.  Like Erica Tazel told me in an interview a few days ago, it seems "we are on a collision course for sure." I can't wait.

But what course is Raylan on? He mentioned to Art that when lying in the tub waiting to get sliced open, he thought about changing professions. More importantly, what was in that note he read at the end? Winona's farewell?

"Thick As Mud" was another great episode in Justified's thrilling third season. What did you all think of the hour? What was in Raylan's note? What will happen between Boyd and Quarles? And what did you think about Limehouse still having the $3 million?


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Fake kidney removal or real, wife and i have different opinions. i think it wsa real and could still pee from bladder; Raylon lied to Dewey to get him out.


Best line may have been missed by some. When Dewey is being wheeled out, the shopkeeper says, "God Bless you son." If you listen carefully, Dewey responds, "Thank you, sir," through his oxygen mask. I had to rewind to hear it, but it made me laugh out loud.


I neither like or care for this show “Justified�, i think it's awful, but i am a huge fan of Maggie Lawson and her show Psych, so when i heard that she was going to have a small guest appearance and the type of character she would be playing i was very curious. While she put in an a convincing performance she is just way too cute and pretty and sweet to play this type of role because she was playing this vixen/evil organ stealing nurse/killer and she was still as cute as a fluffy bunny, i was rooting for her all the way! I am under the assumption that when you play an evil role people are generally supposed to hate your character but because Maggie Lawson is just so cute i couldn't. She was convincing but i much prefer her in the role of Juliet O'Hara on Psych, she is much better suited to that kind role rather than playing the bad guy, she is also a fantastic comedy actress and has had some classic hilarious moments on Psych, Maggie Lawson is really the heart and soul of Psych.


Best line of the episode:
After Quarles tells Boyd that he (Quarles) and his organization are offering a partnership arrangement to Boyd and his folks, and Boyd responds that he suspects that such a partnership would mean that Boyd and his folks would do all the work while Quarles and his organization collect all the money, Quarles responds,
"Amen to that."


I loved it and Dewey nailed it again! Raylan can carry the show but when the rest of the cast is just as good, that makes it a stand out every single week!!


My husband & I were laughing so hard at Dewey's comment that we had to rewind to catch what was next!!! Loved it!! Not sure what to think of the note!! Love this show!!! :o)


"what was in that note . . .?"
I know exactly what it is, it's called a cliff-hanger. We'll find out soon enough.
Dewey was awesome this episode, even more compelling than previous excellent appearances. He'll be back.
The Crowder/Quarles meet was as it should be. An initial meeting to measure each other's mettle. Had it blossomed into more, a decision of friend or foe, for example I'd be disappointed.
I liked the four kidneys line too, but even better was from the hospital bed "He ran me over, twice!"
Finally, casting Maggie Lawson was superb, I watch Psyche but didn't even recognize her until my wife pointed it out. This was a much better character for her. Too bad she got shot by a second-hand bullet. I'd love to see her come back.
Rayland's alluding to another career is just Rayland. Sure he's hard-boiled tough but we all know there's simmering unease beneath the hat. It's when he shows us occasional surprise and emotionality that he's at his finest.


@Eric- I knew I recognized her from somewhere. I guess those seven season one episodes wasn't enough to jog my memory.


Why is noody mentioning the fact the layla was played by psych's maggie lawson and she is indeed as cute as a bucket of kittens


Yet another fine episode from what has become my favorite show on television. I too was expecting a bigger and more intense meeting between Quarles and Boyd. Partly because that's what we usually get from Raylan and Boyd's meetings, but also due to Goggins range as an actor and he tears up the scenes he is in. I am still waiting for a Shane Vendrel-like moment between Boyd and Quarles which I'm sure will come in time. We are just left to assume that Winonna has fled, but there is nothing to support that in next weeks preview. The writers have said they are not going to put her in any danger this season. I just hope that everything is okay with the baby, or that she did not decide to steal more money from the evidence room.

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Justified Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Cop: You really think a male nurse is gonna go Butch and Sundance in a motel room?
Raylan: Just Butch.

I'm done trying to change who you are.