Nikita Review: Was This Destiny?

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Last week, the game changed for all the different teams on Nikita. This week, on "Rogue." we got a glimpse of what's to come as a result.

Nikita, Michael and Birkhoff are still working with Alex, who is their inside connection to Division. They also have an ally in Senator Pierce, who was the sole survivor of a "terrorist" plot against our country. And, presumably, that arrangement includes Sean too.

Amanda has sole control over Division now, but hasn't launched any missions since going rogue from Oversight. According to Alex, she hasn't done anything except strut around "like she won Top Model."

Percy's out on his own, having gone rogue with Roan and his Guardian. It was odd to see Percy in the field with a gun and right in the heart of the action. First up, Percy and Roan killed a Newark police detective to draw out Nikita. And it worked.

The Old Nikita

Nikita's past revealed
We knew that Nikita had a drug problem and that she ended up on death row for killing a cop, but we didn't know the circumstances surrounding the killing. Poor Nikita. Yes, she was drugged out of her mind. But she never should have been sent to death row to begin with due to the corrupt cops. The extenuating circumstances should have been enough to get her out of jail within a few years at most.

The cop killed her unarmed friend and was going to plant a gun on him. Did he deserve to be shot? Probably not, but he was not an honorable police officer, nor was his partner. Carla helped Nikita get clean once, but then abandoned her when she went to jail... while Nikita felt she betrayed Carla when she relapsed. They have some catching up to do!

Carla Bennett re-emerged
Carla helped Nikita get clean. Unfortunately, it didn't stick and Nikita ended up in jail. When Carla's finger print was found on the gun, she had to take off because of her past. But Nikita never knew anything about it.

But Division knew, including Amanda and Percy. They even tried to kill Carla 12 years ago because they feared she was going to expose the program. For some reason,  they decided to go after Carla again now. Convenient plot point? Or is there a real reason to go after her after all this time?

Why does Percy want her now? To help him get Division back from Amanda perhaps? And why did Amanda reinstate the kill order against Carla when she took control of Division from Percy? Is it personal? After all those years, they can't think she would expose the program now, right? It's been so long, what would she even be able to do?

It was a shocker to find out that Carla created the Division program. She never knew that Division "recruited" Nikita, however. This is going to be interesting! How will it play out? Will she be loyal to Nikita and try to bring down Division?

One of the most intriguing thoughts to come out of the reunion was that Carla thought Nikita's recruitment to Division helped her; that it was her "destiny" and she "thrived" there. Even calling it a "gift." In a way, I can see her point. Nikita is an amazing woman with smarts and skills unlike another. Unfortunately, it came across like Carla was instead justifying what she did with the creation of Division and her abandonment of Nikita.

Alex's quest for revenge
She is heading right into trouble. For now, she has the help of Nikita and Michael, but I'm not sure how long that will last. They have problems of their own and Alex has the tendency to not  make the best decisions. Amanda came up with a plan for Alex to reveal herself as the rightful heir to the Udinov empire. It included using fake alibis (that's going to work, right?) from Division.

All Alex wants is to get her mother back and bring down Semak, but Amanda has much bigger plans. I'm not sure why Alex would align herself with Amanda. Wouldn't Nikita and Michael be a better option to help her achieve her narrow goals? All I see is a big disaster coming Alex's way. It's unfortunate.

While not much happened in "Rogue," new alliances and goals were revealed. They are all so good at playing each other. Percy used Senator Pierce to track down Nikita. Then, he used Nikita to track down Carla. And then Nikita used Division to track down Percy and Carla. In a way it is crazy how often they are able to play each other and get away with it.

It's still not clear why Carla Bennett is so important. Nikita used to be the main target of both Percy and Amanda - has that focus been shifted to Carla Bennett? Or are they now a package deal?


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What if --------Nikita is Percy and Carla's daughter ------and somehow Glenda the bad witch Amanda found out and placed the kill order (above Nikita and Percy) on Carla because of who she is. The plot thickens.


Oh hey Coco from Fame...I loved her character. The way she rolled up to Percy with guns blazing all around her. Had to rewind a couple of times. I see a spiritual theme arising..destiny has placed Nikita and Carla plus Percy back together but this time with different motives and alliances. I think Percy's plan all along was to connect those two to get the truth out and appeal to both of their humanitarian sides. I think "Division" was created for good (Carla's character seems to be a genuinely good person.) and Percy's hope is to somehow manipulate both of them to his advantage using everyone including Amanda (pure evil). So now we will see a play out of good v. evil which will lead to the season finale and possibly end of the show. Poor lost Alex. Not diggin her character at all. Love this show.


Ok so im completely confused now.Why is Carla having such a big part in the show all of a sudden.
I thought she was only going to be rescued by Nikki in this episode but its highly unlikely that she is a part of division as well.I mean i get it the writers want to make it as real as possible.But how come every time it leads back to division? I know why the writers make it like this.So the audience (us) can discuss the show more.But i strongly get the feeling that they are aware that this will be the last season for Nikita.All the twists and turns make it pretty obvious that the show is "rolling on it`s last circle" and they are building the story towards a great season finale.Which is good.If its going down do it with a Bang!


Where is Sean? ;(( I missed him! They could give him at least a few scenes... Okay, I am waiting for Sean-Alex scenes in the next episode!
Interesting point is Nikita-Madeline... They seems to be a team now, right? Madeline's face was a little srtange during that TV speech, I wonder, why? But I like she helped Nikita, it means she understands what is debt and she wanted to thank Nikita for saving her last episode...
Percy is cool! He is villain, but it's great to watch at his smart moves!!
Amanda definetly has her own plan, and it's not helping Alex...


I didn't predict Carla to be connected to Division, but as the episode went on, I know she was more connected to it then the audience was let on. The fact that Percy didn't kill her told me she was important, so when her and Nikita were talking at the end, I knew she was the one who had made Division formally know as (yet to be revealed).
I'm glad Michael and Nikita are back on track and there isn't anymore awkward tension. It was good to see Michael back in action too and not taking a back seat as much anymore.
Speaking of action, it was odd to see Percy with a gun in hand, as well as out of division. I hope there is more gun wielding from him.
I'm actually loving Amanda at this point. Her running Division is amazing. I look forward to her and Alex teaming up and taking down Semak.

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