One Tree Hill Review: Dan Scott Started The Fire

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We came into "The Killing Moon" wondering what had happened to Nathan Scott. By the end of the hour, though, I had no better explanation of who took him, or for what reason, than when we started. Did you?

Dan did set his diner on fire on purpose. We know that. The question remains whether or not we should believe him when he told Haley that all of his intentions were good. If so, he's just an old man that is trying to get closer to his family, and I can respect that. If he's lying, that would be a horrific character arc for Dan Scott.

Julian and Brooke Pic

Apparently Haley thinks he's lying, as she ended the episode with a call to 911. Not enough credit is given to Bethany Joy for her wonderful work on One Tree Hill, so I will take this time to shower her with praise for the fantastic job she did of portraying the worried wife.

Haley started out in a bit of denial, then began to worry, then seriously freaked out. At each point, Galeotti made the necessary changes in her demeanor, and had me believing every step of the way that she was seriously worried about her husband.

Was that final phone call really from a woman that knew for sure the man she was just talking to kidnapped her husband? I'm still not sure, and I don't think Haley was either. She was certainly scared, as I would be too if a murderer grabbed me by the arms and stared into my eyes - but I don't think she is certain Dan had something to do with it. Even if she's 50% sure, however, that's worth calling the cops, so good job Mrs. Scott.

Elsewhere in Tree Hill, a number of people were coming through in the clutch. Quinn took care of Jamie and Lydia while Haley was handling the Nathan business; Chris Keller helped Haley as well, explaining how great she and Nathan are to the cop; and Chase was there for Chuck once again in his time of need.

Chris Keller helping Haley was nice and all - and sort of surprising - but it was all for naught after watching him let down the boy he affectionately calls "Kid Keller." I don't care how many cute nicknames you come up with, or how many times you charmingly refer to yourself in the third person, if you're not there for Chuck Scolnik, you and me will have a problem.

For a kid that has a ton of sass himself, Chuck is extremely difficult not to love. Therefore, when Chris Keller treated him like dirt, it was easy for people like me and Chase to get angry.

Although I didn't have the ability to be there for Chuckles, Chase did, and of course... he acted on it. It was great watching them shoot hoops together and hearing Chuck tell Chase he didn't think he even had to ask him to come meet his dad, but it was truly heartbreaking watching Chuck's deadbeat dad toss Chase to the side like he's Chris Keller.

While I wish I could put Chase and Chuck in the Relationship Rankings, because they would be number one in my book, this thing is meant for couples. Guess who is back in the one spot!

1. Brulian
Julian and Brooke return to the top, maybe for the latter's dismantling of Tree Hill Cafe alone. Thanks to Tara's note on Julian's car about frying babies, Brooke went nutso - tearing her rival's restaurant limb from limb - and it was awesome! It was also the second "flash forward" scene from the premiere.

The third "flash" scene was Julian getting the absolute snot beat out of him after picking a fight with a big ole dude at the bar. Why did that happen? Because of the note Tara left him on his car. That girl really likes to stir up trouble, doesn't she?

As angry as I am that Julian continues to be down in the dumps, it's worth it if said state comes with pep talks from Brooke about trusting him as a father.

2. Naley
The absence of Nathan drops this couple down a spot, but Haley's loving fight to find him keeps the couple at number-two.

3. Millimouth
With Mouth off eating healthy, and Millie simply helping to make a coffee drink or two, these two stay neutral for the time being.

4. Chrara
They are doomed, and after what Chris Keller did to my man Chuck, how could they be any higher? Tara is treating Chris Keller like dirt, sending cockroach infested plants to Karen's Cafe, and writing awful notes to Julian. She is one terrible human being, and I love every minute of it.

5. Clinn
As if you expected to see any other couple in the bottom spot! Hopefully little Logan can help Clay turn things around, because if I have to listen to him wax on about not wanting to get better, I am going to throw something at the television. Just take the advice and get fixed. It might take time. It might take some work. You have an issue and let's get to the bottom of it.

Quinn, on the other hand, was at her best this week because she was with Jamie. Let's hope she babysits for the rest of the season.


About the "flash forward" scenes: now that we've had them in two straight episodes, I have come to the conclusion that they work. The first five minutes was a great way to whet our appetites, and now after seeing them come to us in real time two weeks in a row, it's only making things more interesting.

It was a great idea, and it has been some great execution so far.

I continue to enjoy the final season of One Tree Hill. What did you all think of "The Killing Moon?" Do you think Dan has something to do with Nathan's disappearance? Will Clay ever get better? How is Julian going to get out of this funk? And who tops your One Tree Hill Relationship Rankings this week?


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I think Tara is the kidnapper. She obviously has something in for Haley and Brooke. She is the one to watch.


"m-" That is an intersating idea! I feel so sorry for that little boy, it would be an swome story for Clay + Quinn coz right now they are boaaaaaaaaaaring. & if Logan is not his son, i hope Clay & Quinn ADOPT him. From the next promo, I think is kidnapped by the (going of thier accent, I pressume is a Russian Mafia) I am dissapointed in our 'Haley", who cares about Dan starting the fire, he didnt hurt anyone & I understand his wanting to get closer to his family, so if Haley was smart she would put that aside & get Dans HELP to find Nathan, because noone else will help her.
Chase is such an idiot for being with Tara after wot she is doing to HIS FRIENDS!
& Julian really needs to move on coz Davis is fine and Julians character is soooooooo anoying like this.


Is it possible that Clay's repressed memory is that Logan is his son (clay's and sara's)? Or is it too crazy? I mean, I couldnt stop feeling it while I was watching... What else could it be? the shooting? I dont think so because the terapist sounded like it was something clay doesnt know about it. I'm loving this season by the way , I wasnt convinced when i watched the first episode, but I found myself wanting to know more and more about it after the third episode, too bad its only 13 episodes. Is it possible they get the full season?


I said in my previous comments about Nathan that he was kidnapped by ppl and Dan will search for him with the help of Julian and Kris Keller. & from the episode 6 promo that is excactly what happens. Yes it was obvious from the biginning that good old Dan burnt down his own diner to have an excuse to get closer to the family. (to which i say - his lonely and makes a final attempt to be with them) I think he will try to kill who ever took Nathan (mafia), and although he saves Nathan, Dan will die and be the one under the sheet. He will sacrifice his life to save his son.


Just a theory, but Chuck's Dad seems a pretty likely suspect for Nathan's kidnapper. They've clearly picked someone who's wrist could have been Dan's - kinda weathered and beefy - and Chuck's Dad fits that too, plus he's just reappeared, when you know he doesn't give a damn about his child. And from a plot perspective, I doubt they've introduced him again just as a device for Chase. I'm wondering if Quinn and Clay will adopt the little boy; it's clear they're wanting to do something different for them as a couple than the conventional weddings/babies they've already done for Brulian and Naley. Re Nathan and Dan, as always it's clear Dan is going to save Nathan and die in the process.


No way Dan is the one who kidnapped Nathan. Dan is a trully horible person but he always loved his son and he loves his grandson more than enough to take away his father! I think that Dan is gonna be the one to save Nathan and he will die in the proscess...From the momment Dan killed Kieth it was expected that he would have a tragic ending.
Chuck and Chase are an unbeatable combination. I didn't even get why Chase was in the show before he got to interact with Chuck...Now i can't get enough of this duet! Chase's relationship with Tara on the other hand leaves me indifferent... I basically want Tara to die, Chase to hit it off with Mia (if she ever returns) and Chris with Alex(if she ever returns).
Clay is very good when he's alone. Quin should try for another shoot in South Africa!


@oth- I don't think anyone thinks Julian is beating himself up too much. He has every right to be as hard on himself as he would like, and when it comes to your kids, why wouldn't he? I think what some are complaining about (me included) is that we don't like seeing him upset. I understand why the character is doing it, I just wish he hadn't made the mistake in the first place, so that he now has to act this way. Fun Julian is a more entertaining Julian.


Who cares about Logan. Lucas is coming back and maybe Peyton. They are the ones that started this show. It was about Lucas and Nathan on the basketball court. Where are thier mothers. and where is Mouth's friend the black guy. This show is so good this year.The best part is brooke.


If anyone thinks that Jullian is beating himself up too much, then they obviously don't have kids.


Anyone else check everyone wrists to see if they were wearing the same watch as the person who threw nathans phone against the wall all we saw was the hand and watch nothing else. I have a feeling its going to be the drug dealer who kidnapped him since dan threatened him that day in the park. But i do think that dan is hiding something huge!

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