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It's good to see that for a show with a relatively straightforward premise (of course, always reiterated at the start of every episode), Person of Interest manages to find different ways to change things up and add new perspectives.

I always figured the episodes would roll out repetitive "are they a victim or perpetrator" twists, but as much as that question remains a significant angle, it's not the only factor that makes the entertaining show feel fresh and varied.

"Wolf and Cub" dished out the number right away (how does Finch still get the numbers with all his technology out of commission?) but rather than spending time trying to figure out if Darren was going to be killed, or get killed, or by whom, the episode eliminated the quandary of not knowing. Instead, all of the basic information was in front of both the characters and the viewer, but it was getting the chance to see Reese in action and teach his procedure that was the fun part.

Astro on Person of Interest

It was less about making it in time to save the day and more about giving the boy an opportunity to move forward with his life.

And although Reese was reluctant to help Darren, I could tell that he liked having the kid around. The student and teacher relationship was a rather interesting route, especially with the way that his connections with everyone else seem to lack complete trust. Perhaps it was because Darren was a child, but there was a sense of understanding for both of them. It was less about manipulation than a true attempt at showcasing his brand of justice and instilling direction in the boy.

Granted, Darren still went to try and kill his brother's murderers, but in the end, you could tell that Reese had helped set him on a good path. I still thought it was hilarious when Darren disappeared because I could only imagine Reese thinking, "What the... that's my move!"

Astro, known from The X-Factor, played the troubled Darren, and he certainly held his own in the scenes. I'm pleased that he didn't break out into song or his character wasn't an aspiring rapper because, too often, those types of characters take me out of the show and the moment, almost as if it was forced because he/she happen to have that talent. Instead, it was good to see that I was watching a character who wanted justice and to see good prevail, rather than just an artist who wanted to stamp his image onto another medium.

Technically, Reese mentioned Astro as his sidekick, but I truly see Detective Fusco in that particular role. Reese still holds a certain amount of reign over the reformed cop, but their chemistry working together garners that superhero type feel. He may be a bit of a goof, and getting shot in the butt was humorous, but he's proving to be both loyal and playing for the good guys.

Which I'm becoming unsure about when it concerns Finch. I'm not sure which rattled him more: the mysterious hacker of last episode or Will Ingram's persistence into his father's work.

Either way, his distancing from Reese and paranoia over Will called into question plenty of his motives. I kept getting the bad feeling that Finch might try and have Will killed off if he got too close to the truth, a truth that we don't really know as an audience either.

When Will spoke to Alicia, I had the distinct feeling that she was working for Finch, even with the way she spoke. Yet when Will mentioned her name, the look of fear in her eye and quickness to depart made me more curious about this man who claims he's doing good things. I wonder how dark his past is. Did he kill Nathan Ingram, perhaps?

I'm even unsure what to think when it came to the "if you blinked, you missed it" final moment. Has the Machine been hacked? Is that what the "security breach" warning meant? And why was the course of action only to monitor?

The fact that everyone is playing a bit of cat and mouse makes it hard to distinguish where everyone's loyalties truly lie. And as much as we slowly learn more and more, there's still a wonderful sense that there's still plenty to learn. It's great seeing the characters develop on these procedural style show.

Although I was a bit disappointed that Will appeared and then decided to leave at the end of the episode (why so quickly? I hope he returns.) the rest of the episode continued to prove the show's fun entertaining factor. I mean, who doesn't love that cool rock synth when Reese shoots bean bags or calmly walks up to his enemies after crashing their car?


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Did I miss something? Lionel and carter don't know about each other right? But Reese takes Carter's car and delivers the kid to Lionel???????? Shouldn't he have recognized the car and become suspicious?


Great article, but no no no, Sean, I think Alicia is ROOT, from the previous episode! When Will mentioned 'Harold', it made her realize who Will was talking about. Root had black nailpolish in that episode, so I didn't think it a coincidence at all when she was wearing gloves in this ep...the writers did that on purpose to make us wonder! ;)


Good episode. I agree with the review.


BrandAnn... he was firing beanbags. Painful, yes, but not crippling/fatal (usually).


How in the world did the bad guys at the end get blasted with a high caliber weap, night vision might I add and only get up to be hand cuffed and walked to a police car? I would be satisfied to see a stretcher every now and then.


I really enjoy this show, I was not 100% sure in the fall if I would add it to me list of shows to watch as more times than not I watch a few new fall shows and like them and they get cancelled. However I decided to try it and I love it from the start and so happy it is doing well.
Jim is awesome I can not describe it but he is just great! All the characters are awesome and work well together! I look forward to it every week. I like the dymanic even more with Det. Carter assisting them now


Absolutely one of the most intriguing shows on television. Smart, well acted and scripted, tight and always keeps the audience wanting to know more. Fitch is a brilliant character-concise, concerned, paranoid, and with more layers (and secrets) than an onion. We never miss this show, and we are never disappointed.


This was a strong episode, a real turning point for the show. Now we know that the machine is not objective. It seeks to protect it's mission and the secrets of it's creator, Finch. And Reese is now identified as a threat to the machine and ultimately to his benefactor Finch. Darren's storyline touched on parallel issues of trust and the betrayal of a Ronin (a crusading knight) by his master. Loved the teasing and smiles and trust displayed by Reese and Carter. These two are clicking nicely and have each other's back. A great turn for this layered show. This is a smart show about adults for adults.


There was no "security breach" at the end. It said "System Administrator, Identity Breach". What this meant was the Machine recognized that its System Admin (Harold)'s identity had been compromised due to Fusco's snooping. However, what was even more revealing was the fact that the Machine still viewed Harold as "System Administrator". In the Pilot, Harold told Reese he no longer had access to the Machine -- it only sent him the numbers. But, being a System Admin means he still has full control and access. This means Finch lied. I bet he also even knows where the Machine is located, which he also denied in the Pilot. I also think that if Reese is smart, he'll start looking for other "bird" alias with "Harold" as a first name. "Wren" is a type of songbird, and Harold has gone by Finch, Wren, and Partidge -- all birds. Maybe then he can find out who Harold *really* is.


While I don't think that Finch would ever kill the young Ingram he clearly has been changing his name and hiding from people for a lot longer than we realised. I think that he has some dark past that nobody knew about, but that his friendship with Nathan was real and his death as an "Irrelevant Number" was probably the tipping point that lead to his obsession with the numbers in the first place. I think that he has been afraid that his "nephew" would find out about the machine because the machine would protect itself, and he doesn't want him to get dragged into that life, let alone become a victim of rendition because his number comes up on the Relevant list. The woman who gave the kid the info on the machine, I have just thought what if she is Root, the evil hacker from the previous episode? She fits what little we have seen of the back of her head as far as I could tell..

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Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

The most efficient way to lose is a fight is to act without knowing your enemy.


Carter: I always pictured you in the back of my car... in handcuffs.
Reese: To each his own.