Supernatural Return Promo: He's Back!

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Lucifer returned to Supernatural on Friday, haunting Dean's dreams once leaving the show on an intriguing note: in what direction is the brothers' journey about to go?

Unfortunately, we need to wait until March 16 for that answer, as most CW programs are now on an extended hiatus. What can Supernatural fans expect on the first episode back?

A visit from an old favorite, someone producers teased would make another appearance, yet someone we're still excited to see again. Watch the official preview for more:

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I loved the good old demon days with Lilith and the demon blood boosted Sam.I still love supernatural but a demon episode would be nice.(Ezekiel rocks)


We can do without Misha Collins. Bring back Bobby Singer, he is the buddy/father figure of the boys. He helps them along. He is there somewhere, I know it. Sam will probably have a nervous breakdown or something like that with Luci and I dont know about Dean.....he will
hang in there as he always does. The big break in answer to Steph, Jared
is off having a baby w/Gen any day now. Sam needs a vacation, so does
Jensen, so there is the break.....


why the big break?


as far as I know its still set for March 9th


I'm SO happy Misha Collins is returning. I just hope they don't kill off his Castiel, again. If that happens, I will not be happy. They may just lose me as a viewer, permanently. By the way, I read on Twitter that they changed the next new episode date to March 16. Is what I read incorrect?

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