Supernatural Season 8 Scoop, Hope: More Leviathans to Come?

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There's plenty of action remaining on season seven of Supernatural, starting with tonight's "The Slice Girls" (previewed below), in which Dean has a one night stand with Sara Canning and we proceed to meet... his daughter?

But Jared Padalecki spoke to TV Line this week and took a much longer look ahead, responding to a question about the possibility of another season with:

"I’m excited... I feel like there are more stories to tell. I feel like we haven’t wrapped everything up. Season 8 could be a great season. Even if we have to wrap things up... I feel like it would be a nice last hurrah."

And what might that hurrah include?

"The Leviathans," the actor said, expressing merely his own hope. "We introduced this great character, this great demon, and just doing one season – introducing them and then getting rid of them – doesn’t give them the seriousness that they deserve."

As for the return of Lucifer? And Sam's ongoing reaction to Bobby's death? Visit TV Line now for the full interview with Padalecki.


I'm ready for season 8 to see what Dean is going to do with being the only man in a world full of monsters


Please bring on season 8 this show is amazing and the graphics are top notch what about all the unanswered questions? And characters?


this show is the top favorite of my husband, my son, and myself. We have the box set on dvd and every episode recorded on our DVR. I think the show could continue indefinately. Surely the creaters can invent new monsters and supernatural creatures for the brothers to hunt and deal with. And ya just gotta find a way to bring Bobby back in the mix. The show has more fans than you probably even think. KEEP IT GOIN' !!!!!!!


not going to have 2 wait 3 weeks btween episodes like last season
again r we


Damn....they just wasted a whole stupid season on the ridiculous Leviathans. The best thing they could have done was let Dick kill Sam, Dean and Cas and send this show to oblivion where it belongs.


Supernatural is one of the best shows agreed along with fringe etc etc... but do any of you guys actually sit there and think about gods role in the film.... dont you idiots realize that when they are going to end the show they arent going to end it with dean in purgatory..... and cas talking about insects and playing board games with dean.... seams kinda like god played his role as many characters in the film whether helping by saying or not saying things to manipulate the characters.... THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX FOOLS and I agree with both stars one season with the leviathons does not serve them justice when i watched them chase the demon that killed there mom for 3 seasons I mean come on.... This is awesome writing awesome acting and a great show... Just dont put me in it... cause Ill predict the outcome and scare the hell out of alot of people =) Mr. Saraf


omg dont stop making this show its great and season 7 left off kinda upseting with dean in pergatory you have to make a season 8 this is the best show i ever seen im 36 years of age and yes i think this is the best show ive seen since the 80's please keep making this show and like llisa said on her coment i also fall asleep and dream that im in the show slaying monsters and stuff lol i cant sleep with out watching the show im so hooked it would be disapointing if yo cancle


I like supernatural. I do not want it to end. I dream at night that I am in the show. I wish I could even see them. They are cool. It was good for them to be on the tv guide cover. I wish they would come to fayetteville nc. I would like to be in one of the shows. Keep it up. Keep makeing the show.


I never want SUPERNATURAL to end,Cas brought dean back from Hell and has come to help dean and sam whenever Cas can but the thing that bugs me is since Cas brought dean back and sam, then why did Cas abandon dean in purgatory with no way out, no company, no sam, no help, no food, no drinks, and cas that left dean there all alone with nothing to kill things there with. so yeah you can never leave a season like that without telling the fans of supernatural how dean gets out of purgatory and reunited with sam.


Supernatural or...natural?

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