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I'm glad Ringer is finishing so early. We can get it all over and done with with no breaks.

What will most likely happen:
Ringer and Remodeled - Canceled.
Gossip Girl, Nikita and Hart of Dixie - On the bubble.
90210, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. - All most likely to be renewed.
One Tree Hill - Is irrelevant due it finishing on it's own terms.


Based on ratings the canceled shoe should be ....Ringer, Secret Circle, GG, Nikita or 90210... the rest are consistently higher AND some new...Personally, GG needs to be put out of its misery and 'likes'....really? Grasping at straws lol. Its sinking like an HIV infected stone. Circle is terrible but so is Nikita and 99210....


Take your pick of three CW shows to be cancelled (not including One Tree Hill) for there are some that are safe. Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and 901210 are safe. Maybe Secret Circle as well.


With this new info on the shows,I can stay posted for the arrival of the vampire diaries season finale. I just hope that it will end good and things will go back to normal. =) =|


The CW is most likely going to renew Gossip Girl for a final season for all these reasons:

- It has the most likes on Facebook for any CW show.
- It hits on iTunes every single week.
- It has strong DVD sales.
- It's making over $50,000 for every 30 second commercial which airs during the show. A lot more higher then other CW shows.
- The whole cast is contracted through to season 6 so making one final season would be fine.
- The producers are confident in the show being renewed even with the low ratings.

Season 5 has been shitty, but the show still has a chance to redeem itself, and when the day of the series finale approaches, I want it to be truly EPIC. For earlier seasons' sake.


Does this mean that Season 5 is not the last season of GG?!


No, being called a Season finale doesn't mean they are safe. I am sure some of these will get the axe.


Soooo... does that mean that Nikita is safe? :D
Since it says SEASON finale and not SERIES finale??


@tvfanatic--So if all of these are SEASON finales, or we safe to assume shows like HOD are returning next fall??????


it appears it's going to be one episode, as the time slot mentioned above is from 8 to 10

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