The Secret Circle Return Teaser: Sins of the Father

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John Blackwell made his return to Chance Harbor last night. But was it triumphant? Ominous? Traitorous?

It was most definitely mysterious.

And now Secret Circle fans have a few weeks to contemplate what it all means, as this CW drama won't return with a new episode until March 15. But at least the network has released the official preview for that installment, as it makes it rather clear that Cassie should tread carefully around her dad. View it here:

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when cassie says "you should have stayed away" and hits someone with the steak. that can be cassies dad of course-or jake. her dad just came on the show. theres no way they are gonna keep him for 2 weeks then kill him off


When does this show get canceled and Kevin Willianson come back to The Vampire Diaries?


The teaser clips are better than the show at this point.

Jess gannon

@Spindae I want the mystery to all be solved too, I hope we get to see a clash between the generations or at least learn more about the older one because now that John Blackwell is in Chance harbour their circle would be allot more interesting than Cassie and the others! (I refer to Adam, Faye, Melissa and Diana as the others not because I don't like them but because everything is always about Cassie)


This last episode really hooked me up! I just want all the mystery solved! Who is the other JB child? Why is John back can he steal Cassies and the others child power!? What are Johns feelings towards Dawn? How will Charles react!?
Will we finally get a clash between the 2 generations?

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Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done.


Cassie: Are you doing this?
Adam: We are.