The Vampire Diaries to Delve Into Alaric's Past

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He's spent most of the past few weeks moping, drinking or flirting with a shady doctor (stay away, man), but Alaric will soon take center stage a bit on The Vampire Diaries, according to Matt Davis.

"A lot more of his past will be revealed," the actor behind our favorite history teacher tells TV Guide. "Things that he's been struggling with will be purged and come into clarity for him."

The show is also planning a special Damon-based flashback for the March 15 return episode, which will be the first new installment after tomorrow night's "All My Children."

In Alaric's Room

Visit TV Guide now for a look at what else is to com on a variety of shows and sound off: What do you hope to learn about Alaric going forward?


I don't really care about Alaric's storyline. It feels too little too late and too much like a detour also for a Damon-centric flashback right now. (Although it is VERY needed at some point - we've had too much of Stefan's flashbacks, almost none of Damon. Right now is just wrong timing imo). And the triangle between D/E/S is getting extremely tiresome and going nowhere whatsoever. Elena has become downright unlikeable as a 'heroine'. I just want more ORIGINALS right now. Now THOSE characters are amazing and interesting and fresh and exciting and intense and EPIC and... well you get the drift ;) I just got back on board watching the show this season BECAUSE OF the Originals having elevated this series to greatness. Where is the new Originals spin-off tv series? *sigh*


*rolls eyes* yes becuase EVRY Character on the hsow till now had a flashback episodes.....idiots

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It seems oh wow to dig in more of Alaric's past but there might be clues to helping him with the mysteries he deals with now. It looks like everybody is digging in to their past lately on the show. =P


I agree with @Kol and @ Borednow. As much as I like Alaric, I really don't care to know about his past. I want to know where he's going. It won't be a cool flashback episode because Alaric's past was in the 90s. And he was apparently so staid and boring that Isobel couldn't stand one more day as a human with him. She later regretted it, but still, she turned into a vampire. He got so much more interesting after he started hunting vampires. I don't care what his other struggles were. There's too much going on already with all the Originals being linked and all.


I am going to have Blair Waldorf's reaction to Serena bringing Ivy with her from LA on this one: Ok, and Why?

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What's next? Caroline episode flashbacking and recaping season one? Alaric is one of the more "finished" characters in terms of his past. Whatever they add with this, I fear will feel like a retcon, just like the never-ending appearances of Lexi of the salvatore flashbacks of this season.


I'd love to know more about Rick.. He's so mysterious. All we know is that he's a vampire hunter with a horrible love life and cares for Elena, as his own daughter. And his bromance with Damon..


Great,we are going to have a flashback episode of everyone now. Damon I understand but Alaric.

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