White Collar Review: Swing for the Fence

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Yankee Stadium, an infamous con artist, a big score and a crew that could only be made better with Neal and Mozzie on board, even as they played the eyes and ears of the FBI?

Indeed, White Collar swung for the fences in "Stealing Home," which marked Tim DeKay's directorial debut and served as an epic lead-in to what will no doubt be an intense season finale next week.

At Yankee Stadium

But that's next week.

Here, nothing could have been more fitting than temptation ruling the day, given that Neal's commutation hearing is only a few days away. Yet the closer we get to the finale, the more convinced I am that Neal really does have his heart set on staying in the Big Apple.

Even as Neal's intentions appear purer and purer, it seems Agent Kramer's are becoming less and less so. As Kramer and his team continued to occupy the New York FBI office, scouring through Neal's letters to Kate, they seemed intent on finding something, which was revealed in the code they cracked. We can only wonder what that that will lead them to.

Another question that came to mind: Will Mozzie stay if Neal stays? I have never seen him more in awe of another human being than he was of Taylor. Then again, who wouldn't be? The guy has a villa and even his victims think he's a nice guy!

Perhaps my favorite part about Taylor was the whole pool game interview. I didn't know you could tell so many things about a person from the way they play pool. Clearly, Neal's skills are exceptional. That last shot seemed pretty impossible, but clearly little is ever impossible for Neal Caffrey.

Speaking of which, do you believe that Neal used to drop by a billiards hall on his way home from school back in St. Louis? At this point, little surprises me about the guy, but I would love to have another flashback episode to when he was really young, like 10 or 11.

I would be remiss to conclude without tipping my hat to Dekay's directorial skills in this episode. It's hard work to be both behind the camera and in front of it, so props to him on that. Furthermore, Tim's passion for baseball, clearly reflected in Peter, resulted in some wonderful shots of the new Yankee Stadium. I have never been more intrigued or inspired by the sport.

Who knew that Peter had major league dreams? Or that he actually played for a while? There's always more to learn about these characters, and it's fun to think that Peter had a whole other realm of career possibilities.

It's almost finally here: the White Collar season finale. Any predictions for how the commutation hearing might go? Or how Agent Kramer might play a role in it?


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i just hope neil gets off the anklet. am sure things would be more interesting when the feds cant track him.........but the funny thing is weather they remove it now or not neil is gonna get his anklet off in another year anyways......considering that he doesnt pull any CONS before then......


Kramer kind of worries me since we don't know his motives yet. I know Tim Dekay said in an interview that the motive isn't evil... so my guess is that Kramer is looking to protect Peter somehow, and sees Neal as a threat to Peter's career. Not sure how this letter code plays into the equation either. I mean, and letters Neal wrote to Kate from Prison have to be at least 3 years old - and Kate is dead. Even if there is some hidden message, how could something that old override everything Neal has done since then? Of course, we don't know how Peter's going to side at the hearing either. I choked up a little at the end there when Neal asked Peter - his friend - if there was any chance he might actually get the commutation - and Peter wouldn't answer.


This was honestly one of my favorite White Collar episodes. I did enjoy "Upper Westside Story" from this season as welll. Both episodes had such a earlier seasons vibe. Mozzie appreciating and having obvious admiration for a con artist. Great Neal/Peter moments. Almost Father/Son like. Neal and Peter getting a understand of each other appreciations, al la Art or baseball. Seriously, how great was that closing scene at Yankee Stadium? Then again maybe I am just a crazy sentimental girl. Oh, and I know Sara's character gets a whole lot of hate but the Idea of Neal and her has come to grow on me. As much as I liked/Still like Alex... Neal and Alex would be like a regression of sorts. Could he ever really manage to tip toe that line as carefully as he has been with both Alex and Mozzie probably luring him to do other jobs? However, that does not mean I wouldn't like to see Alex in future episodes. Please bring her back for another episode or 2 next season. Please Please Please.


I was so glad that Neal/Sara had their talk. Though it still didn't answer a lot of our questions about who he really is, I think it is segue for next season.


I all around really loved this episode! Tim DeKay did a fab job. Also, I was in Neal/Sara heaven! Loved that scene with the "talk" between them, I just wish we got to see a little more of it and Neal answering some of Sara questions. Can't wait for next weeks finale, although I'm sad this will be it until the summer :(


I wonder if Karmer(sp) Know Neal father and see his father in him


I honestly thought that this was one of the best episodes since "Vital Signs" in the first season. Last week was a masterpiece, and this week is just as fantastic for different reasons! I am extremely, extremely impressed by these two awesome episodes in a row; after having had an uneasy feeling all season about the treasure plot, it's nice to be on even footing again. Can I just say that Neal spending his riches on Peter was really sweet? I'm not silly enough to think that it was 100% guileless, but it was sweet. And Mozzie's pretty obvious admiration for the handsome thief guy actually made me like him a lot more than I probably would have, so I was plenty pleased when he got away with it. Heck, I even liked the fall guy, Paul. Whose name I actually remember! I can't think so far as next week to predict the outcome, but I've gotta say that I'm more confident than ever that I'll be okay with however it goes.

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