2 Broke Girls Review: Spring Broken

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While Sophie and Oleg's continued one-night stand offered some comedic relief on 2 Broke Girls this week, "And the Spring Break" was not up to par for the series. It felt like a script written by the intern who won a Submit Your Episode contest.

I had to think on it for a while before I put my finger on exactly what bugged the crap out of me about title. It was the premise of Caroline thinking that she and Max should take time off for Spring Break.

Dog Sitting

I don't know anyone who's not in school (or working for a school) who takes time off in March or April for this reason. All non-school types simply refer to this as a "vacation," even if we happy to run into those doing keg stands on the beach.

It's not as if the Spring Break aspect was even needed, either. Caroline could have shared hr same story regardless of what they called their trip. I certainly would have believed a "sugar daddy" offering her a real vacation over a real spring break. If that guy was looking for someone on spring break, he would have been closer to the sand and water.

This complaint aside, the message Max got across with Ashley Caroline was well delivered. I knew which she was going to choose, but it was pretty cool watching Max be the voice of reason this time around. And of course typing in the beer-batter-maple-bacon cupcakes didn't hurt one bit, either.

Overall, I wouldn't call this one of my favorite episodes. While it did have a few funny 2 Broke Girls quotes, most of the quips felt flat and were overused. What do you think? Am I expecting more from the sitcom than I should or is the fact we are 19 episodes in and the girls haven't even broken $1,000 a clear sign of some shortfalls?

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I so want to know if Kat is a baker on her own time? The recipes you guys add sound awesome. Are they true recipes? If so forward them please - thanks


I agree with Sarah, it's a sitcom, and a damn fine one in my opinion! Lighten up and enjoy it, if you don't like it, tune out and SHUT UP!


They need to stop being so repetitive with everything they say!!!


Whatever happened to Johnny?!?! I liked him :(


Hey, does anyone know what song that is that they played snippets of in this episode? It's driving me nuts. Maybe it just sounds like something else..


I love this show, it always gives me a good laugh! I would love the recipe from this episode for Max's Beer Batter Maple Bacon Cupcakes!!!


Someone needs to tell these writers to stop with the crude/disgusting humor!! The show was great when it first started, but once they added the bimbo with the cleaning business things went down hill FAST. Bring back Johnny, like him. But dump the cleaning lady, and show less of the greaser cook- yuk is all I can say.


The humor was better for the most part but the plot was a mess. A Revenge reference and Beth Behrs's beach outfit get bonus points.


Its a fucking sitcom, you have too much time on your hands...


This show is the best, couldn't have done a better job at casting. Love each of them.

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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Caroline: You can't handle was on the other side of that door.
Max: Yesterday I saw a guy on the stoop frenching his cat, I can handle anything.

Caroline: Max watch out, you're so tired your spilling batter all over yourself.
Max: I knew it was just a matter of time until I became a battered woman.