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The Original Tenant
"And the New Lease on Life"

Max and Caroline must track down the original tenant when the lease on their apartment is up on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake"

When a bride can't decide on the style of cake she wants, Max and Caroline take on the challenge on 2 Broke Girls.

"And Not the Broke Parents"

Max gets tongue-tied around Deke's parents until his mother shares some secrets from her past on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Kilt Trip"

Caroline longs to fit in with Max and the gang on St. Patrick's day on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Near Death Experience"

When Nicolas tells Caroline he plans to leave his wife for her, she goes into a tailspin and drags Max with her on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Married Sleepover"

Caroline wants Max and Deke to join her dinner date with Nicholas to ensure she won't do anything she'll regret on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the ATM"

Now that Max knows Deke's secret, she wants to break up with him on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Icing on the Cake "

Caroline finds out a secret about Deke's friends when he invites all of Max's friends to his dumpster home on 2 Broke Girls.

"And the Dumpster Sex"

Deke takes Max back to his place, but it is nothing she expected on 2 Broke Girls.

"And The Big But"

Max finds herself wanting to be more than just friends with her pastry school partner, Deke. Meanwhile, Caroline is “hot for teacher” – the married Chef Nicholas.