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And... we're back to the ridiculousness, shenanigans and general nausea-inducing stupidity we've come to expect from 90210. In what could have possibly been one of the worst throw away episodes so far of the season, "Blue Ivy" had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Coming off a really amazing installment last Tuesday, I thought the momentum would have kept going this week - but apparently my hopes were too high.

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Dixon and Adrianna were back to their high-school hijinks of keeping everybody in the dark and hiding their real agendas. Is Dixon really ready for super stardom? Or is he just buying time before Adrianna can join him on his quest to the big time?

PJ and Naomi were going at it hot and heavy until PJ eventually proposed. Is Naomi really that naive to not see what PJ really is up to? He needs to marry someone (and it doesn't matter who) in order to access his trust fund. Come on Naomi, how dumb can you be?

Raj had his funeral and while it may have seemed all solemn and genteel, something wicked this way came. What's going on with Ivy? One minute she was mourning Raj and the next she was once again wanting to be free. Get it together, girl.

Ivy seems to be at odds and ends as to what to do with Raj. Newly widowed she was facing quiet a conundrum. Does she become the happy widow or the sad lonely divorcee?

Liam and Vanessa seemed to be getting all close until she poked in Liam's business once too many times and left Liam literally carrying the bag. Getting a little too big for her britches, Vanessa managed to alienate all of Liam's friends. Good riddance to this character, right? She seemed too conniving to get very far with this bunch.

I must admit I thought more answers were going to be answered on this week's episode. What really is going to become of Dixon and his career? Will Vanessa come clean about her controlling, egomaniacal hold on Liam's career? Will Annie be successful in defrocking a priest?

Check out some of this week's 90210 quotes, add some of your own and sound off: Were you as down on this hour as I clearly was?


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liam and silver make me wanna puke! they are the most discusting thing possible. i agree that liam should go back with annie. they belong and she was the only girl he really loved. they keep reappearing in each others paths but someone keeps coming to screw it up. they deserve another chance to mkae it work. and silver i used to like her until she pulled this stunt with liam. ok im not the biggest fan of naveed so i was ok with her and him but liam was the last straw. she clames aid was a bad friend to her but she hasnt once considered how getting with ALL OF HER "FRIENDS" exs would affect them. Annie was kind enough to wait for liam because of naiomi untiol she was sure she didnt care but silver didnt ask aid for naveed AND THEY WERE DATING. and now she is going after liam when she knows she still loves hijm and shge didnt even bother to consider her feelings on this. like wow. im pretty much done with 90210 at this point because of silver. i get that annie has her priest but cmon do we actually believe annie is goung to fall in love with him like liam. doubt it. so silver needs to back the hell up and be put in check


I just hope that Liam and Silver break up soon. they really dont match well at all. Liam please go and woo Annie again plz. She is such a sweet girl internally. Silver to me seems like a slut, its truly unfair to Annie, the slut dint have brains to think about Annie's feelings about this.


Okay, so Liam is definately an idiot based on the facts; however, he's incredibly hot and he still seems like a good guy. I think the biggest problem for him is that he doesn't always think things through until its too late. I miss Teddy I really hope he comes back. Niaomi kind of just forgot about her buisness and is getting married, that's unbelievably stupid. Ade and Dixon just don't belong together but this is a really bad way for them to break up. The preist doesnt belong! Caleb just doesn't fit with the story or the group. I hope for the sake of the story that Silver is not pregnant with Liam's child, because even though a little miny Liam would be adorible, Liam and Silver have nothing in common. Honestly I kind of miss the older episodes of 90210 before all their mistakes were being repeated, but this was an okay episode.


I really liked this episode and I think 90210 has gotten really good


I liked my chapter and I want Ade and Navid together are the best couple


I wasn't too crazy about Naomi and P.J I liked her better with austin I hope they get back together as for Liam and Silver not too crazy about that either I like Liam and Annie they are myfavorite couple but as for silver being preggers I don't think its liams I think it's That one professor she was with the one who was aidrianas baby's adoptive dad or navid


The song at the end is called, "Don't Go" by Wretch 32 featuring Josh Kumra.


Naomi/PJ...I wonder how long that is going to last? If it does I hope Naomi stays settled so that there is at least one stable relationship, but doubt that will happen since Nick Zano is a guest star unless Naomi gets the boot, BUT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Dixon/Ade just waiting for the story to end even though i loved at the start of the season. Annie/Caleb, I just can't get my mind wrapped around them just yet. I do think Caleb was waiting for her to tell him how she felt just by his expression at the beach, but i could be wrong. Liam/Vanessa YES they are OVER! Vanessa wasn't as interesting as I thought she would be, I'm glad she is gone (for now at least). Liam/Silver I was expecting a kiss, but as soon as I saw Liam downing alcohol, i knew theyd hook up. After last weeks episode i was excited to see this one, but now it wasn't worth watching. BTW what's up with all the hiatus, just goes to show how much 90210 writers have up their sleeves.


U took teh words right out of my mouth Sara, the writers have totally screwed over Liam as a character. I used tobe a fan of Liam/Annie. Knowing their gonna be the end game, but now Caleb/Annie all the way. And just watch when Liam meets Caleb he's gonnabe instantly jealous...just u wait.


It wasn't a great episode, but the music was fantastic especially the song at the end. It blended in so well with all of the drama.

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90210 Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Vanessa; Life is short and we have to enhance every opportunity.

Pretty soon I'm going to hell...don't need to add to that by defrocking a priest.


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