90210 Review: Truth or Consequences

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I'll be the first to admit that 90210 only brings a tear to my eye because it's usually bloody painful to watch - but "The Heart Will Go On" actually caused real waterworks to spring forth this week.

Raj died. And the minute Ivy walked out of that hospital room to get him some water I knew it would happen. I always liked Raj and it was nice to see him back for at least this episode. The writers gave him his swan song and it was perfect. Kudos to Ivy for finally standing up for what SHE wanted and not what anyone told her she should want. Unfortunately, it came with a price.

Comforting Raj

Diego played the good guy throughout and I'm hoping his character will stick around for awhile. Not only does he look like Raj, but it was refreshing to finally see someone that could match Ivy's stubbornness. They may only have been together for a short time but it seemed like they really understood each other and were willing to be a bit more grown-up about things. A welcome change in Ivy's relationships, for sure.

Meanwhile, Naomi and Jen reenacting "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" killed me. Not only were the zippy 90210 one-liners amusing ("I'll hire a nurse who specializes in treating severe cases of bitch" was straight out of a 1940s bitch-fest classic), but it really looked like Naomi was about to wallop Jen at one point. Nurse Ratchet has nothing on Naomi Clarke.

As far as Preston is concerned, I've never really cared for him. At times he was amusing but, overall, kind of a throwaway character. Naomi and Jen realized they truly loved each other and made up. Unfortunately for Jen, she didn't know that little sis Naomi had just hooked up with Preston. And naturally Naomi and Preston's blossoming romance was threatened by a "scandalous secret" that will most likely rip them apart. Good.

Annie freaked when she found out about Dixon's "stroke" (aka heart defect). Adrianna's exaggeration about Dixon's condition every time someone asked made me crack up. The doctor recommended no stress for Dixon. Good luck with that. At least he didn't have to tell Adrianna the real reason behind his heart palpitations.

Annie also met the perfect guy who just happened to be a priest. A very cute priest but still... a priest. Really? Poor Annie, can't catch a break. Though I had to admit Caleb even put me at ease. Definitely the kind of guy you could reveal all your deep dark secrets to and still get to salivate over at a distance.

Thankfully pouty, annoying Vanessa didn't take up too much screen time here. Ticked off at Liam and Silver's budding friendship, she tried to turn what was a warm gesture on Liam's part into something sleazy. And blockhead Liam rewarded her by making her a partner in his newly formed production company. Brilliant!

Breast cancer, fertility issues, death. When did 90210 get so heavy?

Did Raj's death touch your heart just a little bit? Will Naomi and Jen's  reconciliation last? And will you miss Tristan Wilds when he takes his leave of absence?


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Can I just say Gillian gave such an amazing performance! I believed every word she said. Well done to Gillian.


This is also a guilty pleasure for me, but this episode was actually good, specifically because of the Ivy:Raj storyline. That was some very good acting by Gillian, I was genuinely surprised by how well she pulled it off. (evident by the fact that most of us ended up crying, something I never expected to do on this show. )


Could you give me soundtrack of this episode ?


I cried like a baby!


That was a really nice yet sad episode, i had tears too like most others it seems. For the first time in a while each storyline had me interested and it seemed like the characters were far more intertwined and interacting with eachother then usual which i liked, like the scene with all the girls (and guys) together in the hospital talking and being there for Ivy. Liking 9O21O a lot at the moment and hope theres a 5th season coming. ps.
Is Navid actually coming back?


GG=life i completely agree w u. thr is nooo edge. if ivys 'art' is edge enuff, then ths is gna b 1 of those shows tht get dropd tht evry1 wl 4gt. u can barely c a girl ina bikini. and i cnt understand wat naomi sez most of the tym.


Oh shit !! i don't really know what actually the writer was fucking thinking when he thought that silver and liam will fall in love with each other !! they are so far from each other , they just don't have this chemistry 2gether !! liam is 4 annie they r a pretty couple 2gether i just want this vanessa go away from him and iam totally sure that this girl is gonna hurt him by a way or another 1 !! -_____-


1. has anyone noticed Adrianna is getting super annoying once again, and I agree with fortyseven Jen's lying she knows Naomi hooked up with Preston probably even planned the whole thing.
2. That was the saddest episode of all time as soon as Ivy walked out of the room I had my hands over my face, my boyfriend thought something caught on fire with the reaction I had.
and finally...
3. Can Vanessa go away??? stupid plot there "you ran over me with your car to meet me" screams crazy and Liam isn't supposed to be the idiot of the bunch!!!


Ivy and Raj scenes were excellent. Bring back Navid. Lets see him progress with Silver.


I thought Jen might be lying about the secret.

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