Bones Return Promo: Welcome, Baby Brennan?

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Bones returns from its winter hiatus on Monday, April 2. That's its new night.

By the looks of Fox's just-released promo for the big episode (only the seventh of this schedule-challenged, abbreviated season for the hit series), Booth and Brennan's child may be arriving that night as well.

Brennan goes into labor. That much is very clear from the 20 seconds below. Whether she makes it to a hospital - or if viewers get to meet the little one that week or the next - is another story.

Check out our first glimpse of "The Prisoner in the Pipe" ...

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OMG!!! The chemistry between Booth and Bones is palatable! I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT!!!


The realtionship between Booth and Brenna has been going on forever, so it is about time that they have a litlle girl together, because it will just make it so that they will spend alot of family time together, now that they have a new family member, espeically a little girl...when Booth already has a boy...


I can not Bones


Yay!! Finally! Love Booth's comment, "She'll squat on the lawn." HAHAHA.


Cannot. Contain. Excitement. for Baby Bones!


wow hahaha
love it!!

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