New Bones Return Promo: She's in Labor!

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Bones returns, at long last, for its spring run on a new night, Monday, April 2.

By the looks of Fox's latest promo for the milestone episode, it will be one to remember.

Booth and Brennan's child makes her debut appearance in the seventh episode of the schedule-challenged, abbreviated Season Seven of the show, which will hopefully return to some form of normalcy in the fall.

For now, we'll take what we can get, and this new teaser for "The Prisoner in the Pipe" should whet fans' appetites for Bones' return. Baby B is coming, in a manner befitting of Temperance's offspring ...

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esta tambien en mexico alguien sabe cuando va a pasar en mexico los nuevos capitulos porfa ayuda........
muero por ver los nuevos capitulos


I am glad that it is moving to 9PM EST on Mondays because it no longer interferes with Person of Interest! I am looking forward to seeing what their new house looks like! When they left it they had 6 weeks till her due date and Booth promised that he and Wendell would have the house ready. They both have full-time jobs and that house was a DISASTER so this should be interesting! Why haven't we see Parker and HIS reaction to his new sibling? I think it is odd. I wonder if she'll use one of her mother's names as the name for her baby: She could pick from Christine [Christine Brennan] or Ruth [Ruth Keenan]. She could use the last name Keenan as a first name or she could name her daughter Joy which is her birth name. She sure has a lot to choose from! (I had read that she is naming the baby after her mother.) Only have one more week till we find out the answers!


Doesn't look like she's giving birth on all fours like she said. Bummer, that would have shown some nice consistency.


Uhm what time on Monday?


i just can't wait!!!! this is so unfair that some people got to see see it at the PaleyFest!! what about the rest of us?? i love this show, is it April 2nd yet?


I just LOVE this show, I would be lost if I couldn't watch it

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