Bones Spoilers: Due Date, Baby Name, Season Finale Scoop & More!

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The birth of Booth and Brennan's daughter will take place in less than a month on Bones, and for those lucky enough to be there to witness the event early at PaleyFest, it was nothing short of moving.

The April 2 spring premiere was screened Thursday night, and the episode, "The Prisoner in the Pipe", is an eventful, entertaining one from start to finish, culminating with the arrival of tiny ...

We're not allowed to say. But she's named after two special women in Temperance's life.

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

It turns out the rumors and snippets we've been gathering for months now were true, as the long-awaited delivery was anything but smooth ... and ended with Brennan welcoming her daughter in a stable.

"It's still Bones," said executive producer Stephen Nathan of the unconventional birth setting and storyline. "We're not Parenthood. There's still going to be someone dead and something revolting ... but this baby informs their lives in a completely different way. The show takes a very different turn from a character point of view."

Indeed it does, and we promise, it'll be worth the wait.

Star Emily Deschanel said she absolutely got behind the unusual concept, as she personally could see Brennan "going to some tribe and having some ritual during labor with some women around her."

There is something about it that just makes sense.

Paley Logo

Other highlights from the Bones 2012 PaleyFest panel:

  • The Season 7 finale, directed by David Boreanaz, will have the springtime's main adversary, Christopher Pelant, whose reputation has preceded him so far, "change the course the series for a while."
  • Not in a good way. According to Boreanaz, "it's intense" and "not happy."
  • Creator Hart Hanson called Bones' move to Monday nights (starting April 2) a "good" thing. "I know that we're supposed to be so upset, [but] we've always wanted to be with House. So, we're up for it."
  • The four "bonus" episodes Fox ordered for this season, or next, do not yet have a home. Hanson said that the standalone episodes "exist in their own separate universe," so scheduling is flexible ... and TBA.
  • Long live Bones?  "In many ways, Bones is Fox's most successful hour-long scripted drama," Hanson said of the show's longer-term prospects. "I'm very confident we'll be back for Seasons 8 and 9."
  • 4-4-7. The significance of these numbers, which often appear in scenes, and will show up at least one more time this spring, will be revealed "in the last episode of Bones," Hanson said.

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@jennifer: In the Paley fest yesterday, Michael asked Michaela how did she feel about "Angela" being the baby's middle name. So that's one name down, the first name though.... idk lol. And the last name could be hyphenated.. Brennan-Booth or Booth-Brennan... but the first one sounds better. And never fear, Bones wont clash with Castle. I'm using central tine since I'm from Texas. Bones is gonna air at 7pm, then House at 8. Castle comes out at 9, so whatever you see at 8, there is an hour difference. No reason to miss both shows. So depending on where you live, you'll still get to see Bones and Castle. See, Bones at 7 and Castle at 9. Plus Fox doesn't air a 9 o'clock show. Its just the news lol.


I'm going with Angela Christine (it flows better than Christine Angela). I don't think she'd use the name Joy - that was her own name before she became Temperance. I have also been wondering about what her last name will be - I don't see Booth being very happy if his baby doesn't have his name. I am withholding judgement on the move to Monday. That's my Castle time. It will be hard to choose. Thank goodness for DVR! :)


The baby's name will most likely be Christine Angela... idk about the last name though.. that's gonna be hard to crack lol. And the Monday move is good. There is a lot of potential there and it'll help out House immensely. And if people haven't heard about the change in schedule, then they live under a rock. The Bones folk have announced it over twitter, Facebook, Google +, tumblr, And idk what else.. oh and YouTube also.


April 2nd can't come fast enough for me. I am going with Christine Joy Brennan Booth as the name of baby Bones.


I think her name will be Katy. Dr. Brennan's daughter in the books is named Katy. I hope they follow the books on this one.


I'm gonna guess baby's named Angela Joy. :-)


I still say that moving BONES to mondays is a bad idea, I see no good coming out of it

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