Castle PaleyFest Panel Report: Caskett Sex Alert!

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Are you ready for the "last normal episode before the stormy weather hits," Castle fans?

That's how series creator Andrew Marlowe introduced the March 19 installment, "A Dance with Death," prior to screening it for all of us in attendance at the show's PaleyFest panel.

Nathan Fillion and Seamus Dever at PaleyFest

What can viewers expect from the episode, which focuses on the death of a reality show contestant? An admission by Beckett and some strippers, for starters.

But the theme of the evening, as you might expect, was Beckett and Castle and when the heck Caskett would actually come to fruition. Isn't it time for these two to get together?

"Yes!" exclaimed Stana Katic, as the crowd cheered, while Nathan Fillion painted his own picture of how he hopes these two will consummate their relationship, saying: 

“I think it’s played out very well - it’s been tastefully and artfully dealt with - but I don’t think it’s something that can be done forever. Andrew has shared his plan, and it’s deft... it should be really clumsy, with stuff getting knocked over.”

The panel included Fillion, Katic, Tamala Jones (who performed her track from "The Blue Butterfly"), Marlowe, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Seamus Dever, Jon Huertas and Penny Johnson Jerald.

Aside from the inevitable Castle and Beckett hookup, the night's other hot topic revolved around the bombshell dropped on Castle by Sophia, prior to that traitor's death: was his father really associated with the CIA?!?

“Castle doesn’t know if he can trust what Sophia says. And, if you’re father is in the CIA, how do you find out?” Marlowe asked, while assuring us the arc “is something we’ll be exploring forward in the series.”

In conclusion, Marlowe referred to season four as the “season of secrets" - from those three words Beckett pretends she didn't hear to Castle's silence over her mother's murder - an offered the following tease: “As we get into his last run, those secrets will start to come up, and [everyone] will have to deal with the consequences.”

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Well, I just finished posting my comment and was not told I wrote too much but it left off part of my comment when it posted. Can you get the rest to come up or is it lost in space forever?


I L-O-V-E these two. They are tv characters, yes, but written to be so extremely real that a lot of us forget they are not actual people. We see their highs and lows, their hurts and joys, their loyalties and frailties to the point that they might as well be very close friends of ours. We know that when their car goes into the river and it appears they will never survive that it is tv and they are not in any real danger but still we find ourselves squeezing the arms of the chair we are in and peeking with one eye to see what happens. This is brought about by first of all very good actors and also very good writers. I just hope the writers don't let the actors and the audience down by making a mockery of Caskett. Castle has acknowledged his love for Beckett and all her actions show that she loves him also and it is very important to her to hear him say it to her again, face to face. This is what we want -- a couple -- two people who continue to be as they have been up to now -- dedicated to each other even to putting their own lives on the line for the other. Please pay attention to your fans. Really and truly, a show can go on with the main characters caring for each other -- it is not an end all but a beautiful, fresh beginning that can bring on many more plots than we non-writers can imagine but know you can. Please hear us -- thank you!!!


If by normal episode Marlowe means boring procedurals loaded down with possible suspects so hard to follow it would be preferable for the viewer to watch paint dry, then yes, we are ready. Ready for anything resembling an episode whose concept didn't seem like it was thought up and agreed upon at the last minute.
We Castle loyalists have sat through a banal season of fillers, waiting patiently as possible for the series we love to thrill us. The only good thing about this weeks's "dance" episode was the previews for next week's show.
Do something and do it soon! Break them up, get them together, but for heaven's sake stop insulting the intelligence of your fan base with the mindless episodes posing as entertainment. Get on with it and then go with it!


GOD. I really really really want Castle and Beckett together! Like together .. together .. not for a one night stand or just time pass ... No ONS for ma Caskett ... :P Plus, I really wanna know abt Castle father more .. may be in Season 5 .. :)))


Ok, it's about time, but it should be romantic and they should proclaim their love as Jenn say's. I agree with everyone...a loving, committed relationship! But...that first time should be awesome, something the fans can say finally....YES!!!


Thanks you, Jenn!!!
I want them together...
I hate how shows have the characters in a one-night-stand or hook up and then afterwards they talk about where they are going. Caught up in the moment is nice..... but how about they talk about the i-love-you. Or I might just be over reacting... that they will talk about something that leads to the sex so it will be meaningful?? Gah idk. just hope i'm glad with how it turns out.


@mustang--- ME TOO ME TOO exactly!!!
weve waited for this for so so long and now that its gonna happen I want it to mean something both to them and the fans I want them to proclaim their love for each other I want a relationship to happen not just sex and thats it.


I have been looking forward to this day for a LONG time. But a 'hook up'? Really... please please please tell me that they are NOT going to have a one night stand. I want Caskett to be in a loving, committed relationship... not a friends with benefits arrangement. =/ Caskett forever. And ever. And happily ever after. :)

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