Castle Review: Sinning By Silence

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Wow. Now that is an example of what good television looks like. Castle aired"47 Seconds" this week, an episode that brought out a special intensity and seriousness. It was full of the usual twists and turns, but this one felt different. This one felt real.

So let’s do it. Time to discuss “47 Seconds."

The Case. A Wall Street protest was ended early with a bomb explosion caught on tape. Our super smart detectives were able to determine what happened in the minute before the explosion. First, how crazy is the technology that is used now? Using the GPS on cell phones is pretty nuts. It can seem a bit like an invasion of privacy, but when you think of all the ways it can be used for things like this, it’s pretty awesome.

There were several minor characters in this episode. My favorite was definitely a toss up between West Side Wally and Bobby Reyes Lopez. Anyone else recognize Lopez as Bobby Reyes from Friday Night Lights

Tim Guinee on Castle

Iron Gates is Back. Captain Gates made a big return - and by big, I mean appearing for more than a minute. This character has seriously grown since her first appearance. As a fan, there was no one that could replace Captain Montgomery. Gates’ tough guy attitude made it easy to hate her, but over the past several episodes, she has earned her screen time. Gates has become enjoyable, providing Beckett with another woman to look up to and a personality that is different than all of the others.

This case provided a great platform for Castle and Alexis to show their father/daughter relationship. Stepping back and watching Rick be a father is almost as fun as watching him be a cop writer. 

Now if we could get the guys together again for a boys night outside of the precinct and see some BFF time between Lanie and Kate, it would be great.

I Remember Every Second Of It. Now to the biggest part of the episode for all of the shippers. After realizing that tomorrow is never promised, Rick decides to talk to Kate about his feelings. Just in time, he discovers that she has remembered everything from the shooting, including the infamous “I Love You."

So, where do we go from here? Obviously Castle is pissed, and rightfully so. He made a move and put his feelings out there. Although the timing wasn’t great, there has been plenty of time since then for Kate to admit that she knows. These two are close enough that Beckett is recognizing Castle is acting different. 

Martha said it best. How can you work side by side with someone when your heart is crushed? You can’t. These two are going to have to figure it out. Time to move forward. I know the writers have said that there will be a time for this relationship and that it isn’t now, but a little movement needs to be made before it becomes stale. 

Overall, another great episode from the Castle team. It was intense, enjoyable, and now has me counting the time until next week’s outing. What did you think, TV Fanatics? 

Should Kate have admitted to Rick she heard his “I love you?” Is Castle rightfully angry? Should Alexis stop working at the morgue? Are you starting to like Gates more?

Check back for the official Castle Round Table after you hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “47 Seconds”. Until next time, Castle Fans. 


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I enjoyed this episode, but I do have to admit I, too, am tired of the contrivances to keep Kate and Rick apart...they obviously love each other, and I think the writers could easily make it work when they get together and have a spicy relationship full of banter and fun while they catch criminals together. Drawing it out too long just pisses off the fans, and becomes a very thin plot device that doesn't hold water.
Here is hoping that by the end of the season they will admit that they love each other and start to date and develop their relationship. I also think it is great that Alexis is getting some real-world experience with Lanie, and I still think Martha is a very relevant member of the cast.


I for one am really getting twisted over this whole show. I used to love the intelligent witty banter between the characters, especially Castle. I miss that--now all we get are a few one-liners-which are still delivered suprurbly by Nathen. But come on! I wish they would stop treating the viewers like we are dim-witten backwoods fools. They are susposed to be surrounded by intelligent people--yet NO ONE picks up on potential emotional moments and stops and thinks "maybe I should wait--this talk looks inportant"? No lets just interrupt time and time agian.


My guess-o-meter says: 1)Castle will rock bimbo(s). If the writers are smart it won't last more than an episode. 2) Castle will slightly remove himself and Beckett will start going back to Momma's case, and Castle will get reminded to save her, or do it on his own. Whether this show becomes boring or too drawn out will depend on how long they drag this out.Whatever happened to the banter? The writing doesn't seem as good as it used to...


And yes, like a few others here, I'm this close to dropping the show altogether. While I'm a big fan of the actors in the principal cast, the story line is really starting to become an insult to the viewers' intelligence. Too bad because it used to appointment viewing for me.


This will-they-or-won't-they is really getting old. If this were real life one or the both of them would have decided it's not worth the wait and moved on. Sheesh.


Hurts me to see Castle hurt with no response from Kate. Not a situation I want to watch much longer unless Kate hurries up and reciprocates.


Gotta say I was disappointed about a couple aspects of this episode. First was how the investigation of the crime was portrayed. How does Gates receive this cell-phone scanning info from Homeland Security, and nobody at Homeland Security was yet able to figure out what Castle figured out in 1 minute? Implausible. And Castle decides to share his heart with Beckett right there in the police station? Of course, here comes a convenient interruption to prolong the tension between them. It wreaked of cliche plot device. At the Paley Fest, Andrew Marlowe said the relationship between Castle and Beckett would evolve in a way that felt real and true to the characters. It's losing that element -- more and more feeling like standard-issue TV romantic tension. Too many convenient obstacles arise to keep them apart.


Awful. The captain is unwatchable. It's preposterous that his high school daughter is working there in a serious capacity, let alone finding clues. The will they or won't they has now been played out so long I don't care. Now that alexis is at the precinct all the time, they don't know what to do with his mother and she's become even more of a caricature. A shame. I'm now fast forwarding as much as watching and may soon just give up.


this was a good episode. the case was interesting & had a lot of twists & turns. all in all a good one...but the case wasn't what we all wanted to see. it was how rick dealt with the fact that kate knew of his feeling for her. he was pissed & rightfully so. i can't wait for next week!


Gah. Didn't have time to go to Hulu today. I'm probably just gonna buy this episode on iTunes to watch. Can't... Wait.

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