Key Castle Clip: I Remember Everything!

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Kate Beckett will not be messing around this Monday night on Castle - and, as a result, everything is about to change.

Following the bombing of a group of protestors on the episode "47 Seconds," the detective will get the lead suspect in a room and interrogate the heck out of him. When he uses the excuse that a traumatic experienced has caused him to forget certain details, Beckett really goes off, relaying her shooting, her brush with death...

... and how she remembers everything from that incident. Yes, Castle, EVERYthing. Watch the exchange now:

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mackensi sorry to tell you there is no castle this monday.its next monday


Oh.My.God. Is it Monday yet???


It's. About. To Go. DOWN. I hope this episode gives Nathan Fillion a chance to show that awesome range of his.


How much can Castle take!!!! Its time for Beckett to warm up to Castle!!! Really, how much more can we (the fans) take! Wait till Beckett finds out about Castles secret about her moms murder. Will they get together this year? I doubt it. But lets hope they doooo.


my first thought was .. Ouch!!... for Castle


one word.....WOW


Is is Monday yet?!

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