Castle Review: I'll Be Brian Dunkleman!

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Castle returned from a short hiatus with "A Dance with Death," an episode based on the murder of a reality dance show contestant. Like usual, the ABC hit brought some laughs, some longing stares and the twists/turns we have been missing over the past few weeks.

So let’s waste no more time and discuss the latest installment of Castle, shall we?

Reality Show Crime Scene

“I’d Be Brian Dunkleman!” Of all the great Castle quotes, easily the best of the night, the host of the competition show claimed that if he got fired he would become Brian Dunkleman. This was an instant classic and great writing by the Castle team. I know I’m not alone in having to think about who Dunkleman was before I realized he was the former American Idol co-host from season one.

The twists and turns that took over this case were pretty interesting. Although always enjoyable, sometimes the arcs to the cases are pretty outlandish. This episode? Not so much. Although finding someone who looks pretty similar to you and then paying them to have surgery to look more like you is pretty ridiculous, the fun surprises kept coming.

The Bromance Is Back. Unfortunately, Ryan and Espo have been out of focus in the past few episodes and they have been missed. These two have a great partnership and feel like real friends. Their theory on the wedding ring brought the other set of laughs, especially with Javi getting it stuck on his finger. Now if we could get Ryan to mention something about his wedding or honeymoon, it would be all good!

With a cast like this, there is bound to be some characters who get the shaft, always relegated to the B-List arcs. Obviously, the important and main stories should go to the four detectives, but Martha and Alexis should not be forgotten about.

These two deserve better stories. Putting Alexis in the morgue with Lanie seemed promising, but a 30-second scene here and there doesn’t cut it. Am I alone in thinking this? I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Alexis, but I have always enjoyed her father/daughter moments with Castle. What do you think, TV Fanatics? Should these two get some better scenes or are you happy with them having such small roles?

A Night of Dance Set

What We Learned:

  • Lanie wanted to be a ballerina! Not the dream job I would have guessed for her.
  • Beckett went to Stanford and was studying pre-law. 
  • Ryan is deeply in love with his wife and it is sweet!
  • Javi is liking being single. Is there still hope for Esplanie?
  • How great were the judges on A Night of Dance? I personally loved the “Len."
Overall, another enjoyable episode from the writers of Castle. We are heading toward the end of the season, with plenty of things left to come out. Was “A Dance With Death” a hit or a miss? Hit up the comments and let us know what you thought of the hour. And don’t forget to check back later this week for the Castle Round Table!


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I am so excited that things will be heating up between Castle and Beckett next week !! I love when Castle does sweet things for Kate like bringing her coffee and protecting her from harm. I like when Castle asked Kate about her dream, and she answered about being a judge. It's so romantic to see them smiling at eachother. We want to see more of that!!


Did anyone else get the significance of Kate saying that she was shot in the chest and remembered everything. Then the flashback to the scene where Castle said, "I love you." Did you catch the look on Castle's face? I loved it.


OK Does anyone here remember Moonlighting? Great show until Maddie and Addison got together. Then it went down hill FAST! The writters need to make sure that doesn't happen here. If it does, it will probably be in the last season along with Kate's Mother's killer.


Great episode until I fell asleep and missed the end. Always happens. I wish they would move my favorites to 9pm.
What was up with Espo's hair? get rid of the part please. Completely distracted me sometimes.


I gave up on Caskett a while back, apparently the writers just aren't getting it so I have no expectation for them to hook up anytime soon.
Bromance was good, although Ryan could have told Jenny any number of excuses why the ring was missing. Liked some of Ricks old stories. Gun in the dumpster! yikes.
kates back to wearing low tops and no bullet scar but no serious complaints cause Stana in a low top is always a bonus.


I was disapointed with this episode. It was flat in action,like they are running close to budget, and need to save moeny for the remaining episodes. Did anyone notice all the cameos of KB smiling , but about what? I did like the comedic bromance between Ryan and Espo, and would have liked to see more between Castle and Alexis. To me, this was about quantity, not quality, and the investigation was flat, almost transparent. A gun in the dumpster?
If they want viewers, then keep the format, and continue on with the friendship and getting closer, but add some spice.

Josie leeds

Why is it that writers never seem to learn from either the stupidity of other writers or from their own mistakes? They are screwing with the continuity and character chemistry and they are turning off long time fans. It isn't broken--QUIT TRYING TO FIX IT!!!!! I don't really want to say "I told you so", but I will when this show comes crashing down around the writers ears. Go back to the case being the center of the show, with all of the other stuff around the periphery. Either get Caskett together or quit trying to--why is it so hard to envision a successful detective show where a commited couple solve the cases??? As for Alexis and Martha...both are good for balance and displaying the "other" side of Castle--just get more realistic in the story arcs. LOVE this show and it really grieves me to see the start of collapse.


Yikes! This just about ties Head Case for the worst episode of the season. Absolutely mind-bogglingly difficult to follow, terrible forgettable characters, cheesy lines, cheesy acting all around. I'm a big fan of Castle and I was terribly disappointed. They lingered on the faux dance competition for maybe 10 minutes before leaving it completely behind. It you are going to pump a premise of an episode, stick with it until the end. At least the side stories were great. Martha had a surprisingly fun story, Ryan and Espo had one of their best bromance moments, and Alexis at the morgue was fantastic as well. But, yikes, I hope the writers are saving something to finish off this season well, because A Death with Death made it seem like the writers took a week off.


I think I need to stop reading the comments after the main post. Hardly anybody said anything abt the main show and all the comments were abt the 30 second preview for next week. I LOVED this episode! I dont come to Castle for realistic crimes. I come for the outlandish crimes. I come for the fun. I come for the comraderie between the characters. I literally LOL'd when the guy said he'd be Brian Dunkleman! I knew who he was immediately! TOO funny. I also loved Ryan and Javi. these guys work so well together. Finding out that Lanie wanted to be a dancer and couldnt because the girls game in when she was 13. Finding out that beckett wanted to be a big time lawyer. TOTALLY could see that. Her drive and tenacity are who she is and would work for either a lawyer or a detective. I like how we get little tidbits of Beckett's life before her mom died. I'm a big Caskett fan, but I know that there has to be more to the show than that. What I love abt Castle is the fun and the entertainment I get from the show. I also love the intense ones as well, but if the show only had intense episodes, I'm not sure I could handle that. Life is intense and TV is a great way to escape. Castle is a great way to escape. While I do wish Caskett would progress a bit faster, at least they are moving forward. And I think that the next few weeks are going to be doing just that. Previews are never exactly what is happening. Him mad at her doesnt mean he'll move on to somebody else. Her dancing with a british consulate doesnt mean she's moving on to somebody else. Castle is NOT meant to be analyzed. It's meant to be enjoyed. And I SOOO enjoy Castle.


Don't care what the nay-sayers say! I love this show. It is entertaining no matter what twist the story-line takes! This is exactly what TV should be - it makes me happy ☺

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Ryan: Did you see that? She acted like I didn't even exist.
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