Criminal Minds Review: Hot For Teacher

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Despite the admittedly disturbing topic this week, I really enjoyed Criminal Minds. Teri Polo did a fantastic job portraying a woman obsessed with "Teacher Love." She pretty much nailed the psycho thing. Even though, as we say nearly every week, we knew who the UnSub was straight away, there was still something interesting about watching the action unfold. Or maybe it's just our own morbid fascination with watching a train derail, who knows...

In "I Love You, Tommy Brown," the theme of teachers sleeping with their students - which splashes the headlines fairly often - came to the forefront. Even though most of us can't fathom ever entertaining such a setup, the writers did a solid job of explaining the maternal issues and Teacher Love syndrome that drove our villain to act so erratically.

But even though that part of the episode was explained, the thing that I found slightly preposterous was that the BAU team didn't immediately detect the link between the first victims. Sharing a church isn't like sharing a grocery store, it seems like a pretty obvious overlap, so when it didn't come to light right away it felt a bit unrealistic.

Teri Polo on Criinal Minds

There wasn't much else in the way of profiling until the very end, when we learned that this wasn't our UnSub's first time at the rodeo. The revelation that there was another student before Tommy was a fun twist, albeit a creepy one. I can't imagine how it went unnoticed that the UnSub's sister purchased the house of her former victim, but then again, this is TV. And speaking of which, the detective's comment that nothing like those murders happens in their town, it's more like "one of those cable shows" gave me a good chuckle. Touche, CBS.

On an un-profiling related note, the Garcia drama this week has to be discussed. Sorry, readers who hate to hear about the non FBI stuff, but this is too good to overlook. How adorable was Kevin asking Morgan for advice in how to propose to Garcia? He was like a charmingly bumbling idiot, but then he pulled it together when he brought Penelope dinner and her favorite red velvet cupcake. He was really trying!

I was genuinely surprised when Garcia revealed that she wasn't ready to get engaged. Do I think it has something to do with Morgan? No. Do I think they'd make a fun couple? Yes, but it'll never happen. I'm interested to see where things go from here, though. Poor Kevin. I'm not sure how he's going to bounce back from this.

There wasn't much worth mentioning in the way of JJ, Prentiss, Reid, Hotch or Rossi this week, but if the previews are any indication, next week will be enlightening on the Morgan front. Maybe he revisits some demons from his past, or maybe he just gets a little more screen time. Either way, I'm all for it.

What do you, the Criminal Minds faithful, make of this week's pedophilic double standard? (Admit it, no male teacher would ever get out so quickly, people would riot). And of Kevin's rebuffed advances? Where does Garcia go from here? Discuss away, I'm all ears.


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Well, I saw that episode last night - and from a guy thing I really wished I had hot looking teachers like the one Teri Polo portrayed.
Sure, off the rails and all that other sad stuff but - mental illness is more common than one would care to think it is.
All CM series are well portrayed and the main characters are quite credible.


well since woman and men are not allowed to be friends what eles is there


If there is one character I do not like in this show it is Morgan. I love the rest of them, but I really cannot stand him. I thought he was really rude to Kevin in this episode. How hard is it to say, sorry Kevin, I have to get to meeting right now, another time? Instead of ignoring him, brushing him of and rolling his eyes at whatever the poor guy says?! I love Garcia, but she irritating me a lot this episode, not the fact that she said no, but has crazy she got just because Kevin talked to Morgan. And hacking his computer?! No. Im sad she said no to Kevin but I hope the story line continues. Why anyone wants M/G together is beyond me. I love their flirty banter but a couple? No. They are best friends, not every male/female relationship has to be romantic.


(continued) Kevin will just have to put on his big boy shoes and get over it.


It was an okay episode. I just wished they'd stop revealing the unsub for a change. Half the fun of watching this show was trying to guess who did it. I am so on for JJ/Hotch relationship but I don't want it to overshadow the crime aspect that is the show. On the Garcia front, I really hope that they don't go there with her and Morgan. Their relationship is weird enough. If I was Kevin, I would certainly be uncomfortable with the shameless, OTT flirting going on all the time. There's fun but these two take it to a creepy level. Newsflash to those who jumped up and down about Garcia saying no to Kevin. She DOESN'T have to marry the guy. Marriage is not the BE ALL, END ALL. Just because one is ready doesn't mean the other HAS to be. And besides YET doesn't mean NOT EVER. She can still change her mind when she's READY. If Kevin really loves her, he will wait. And turning down a proposal because you're not ready for marriage doesn't make you love that person any less. Kevin will just have to put on his big boy shoes and get over it.


I kinda of agree with you there Jess like on NCIS when Ziva try to kill Tony call him worthless stuipd and pull a gun on him then the next season he try to sleep with her


I know that the Criminal Minds writers cannot comprehend the word consistency but why would Kevin ask Morgan for advice on how to propose to Gracia? Wasn’t it only a few weeks back that he was jealous of Morgan and Gracia relationship especially when Morgan stopped the night at hers? It seems odd now he approaching the man he was jealous off on how he should propose. Would JJ have not been a more suitable choice, seeing as she and Gracia are good friends and Gracia is Henry godmother? I hope this is not a poor version of Ross and Rachel that the writers are trying to pull with Morgan and Gracia as there is absolutely no chemistry there, just two people behaving very unprofessionally at work. Erica Messer said that it was going to be someone that had been in a long term relationship that was going to get married, lets hope Morgan has been dating Tamara secretly and him and her get married, that will knock the wind out of Gracia and fun to watch.


I Love the show. One of my favorites.


@Terrie she didn't quit she was fired


morgan didn't answer garcia's calls, BECAUSE he knew what she was gonna ask....and it had NOTHING to do WITH the case.....and he wasn't really giving kevin a cold shoulder, he TRYING to get to a MEETING...and he probably felt uncomfortable with the topic....and women DON'T have to get married to be happy....i'm 42 and NOT married and DON'T to do so either.....i agree with someone who suggested with her and kevin trying to LIVE together first....and just because garcia doesn't want to get married, doesn't mean she needs a DAMN shrink. alisa

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Dr. Reid: You know these crimes seem to lack the emotionality that we typically see in personal cause homicides.
JJ: Most executions are criminal enterprise related.
Dr. Reid: But the probability of these couples being involved in the exact same illegal activity is kind of low.
Agent Morgan: There's no way these were random victims of opportunity.

Kevin: Look, I know you're Penelope's boo and she's your baby girl. And what I'm about to embark on involves the keen insight of somebody who knows her inside and out. And no matter how much therapy I've gone through trying to understand your relationship, I know you're that person.
Agent Morgan: OK Kevin, land your plane.
Kevin: I want to propose to Penelope, and I need your help.